‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Thinks Her Dog ‘Looks Like an Old Man’ in Funny New Pic

by Jon D. B.

Good ol’ Jackson Maine: Alaskan Bush People‘s Rain Brown just gave fans an update on her dog, and it’s not at all what we were expecting.

“Jackson looks like a old man now, for anyone wondering,” Rain posted to her official Instagram. Within her latest post, we’re treated to a selfie of the Brown beauty and her tiny pomeranian, Jackson. Her hashtags showcase the pup’s full name, too: Jackson Maine.

The little guy certainly has his fair share of gray hairs already. This isn’t out of the ordinary for dogs with black coloring. Yet it leaves Alaskan Bush People fans curious about Jackson’s age.

To our surprise, Rain replies to a fan’s comment sighting that Jackson is less than three-years-old. He’s still a pup! Color us a bit more shocked with all those grays, then.

Other fan comments, however, are much further off base – but no less entertaining. “I just have to ask. Are you doing Gabe’s eyeliner? Lol,” asks follower Brandon. The gent gets a reply from Rain herself, too, with a solid “no” punctuated by cry-laughing emoji. Ah, Instagram.

Brandon saves himself with a bit of flattery, however. “I had to ask lol watching reruns of the newer episodes and noticing his style slowly changing. Figured it was influenced by the stylish one!”

Attaboy, Brandon.

Back to Dogs: Rain’s Pup Helps Her Recover from Loss of Alaskan Bush People’s Mr. Cupcake

As for the Alaskan Bush People daughter’s love of dogs, Jackson isn’t her first. In fact, she brought the little one into her life at the perfect time.

As Season 13 shows, the Browns lost both their beloved patriarch, Billy Brown, and their family dog within weeks of one another. Long before his passing, Billy would bring home a tiny puppy as a surprise for his children. Rain, however, was in on the surprise. Her father even told her she could be the one to name the family dog. And name him she did: a then 9-year-old Rain Brown named him Mr. Cupcake. And that was that.

Mr. Cupcake was a model Belgian Tervuren, a breed of sheepdog known for being intelligent, protective, and family-oriented. Fans came to love him as the Browns did, but no one was expecting the sweet boy to pass shortly before Billy. Snowbird was the one to break the news to her siblings, and Rain was understandably devastated.

“It’s very hard to process,” Rain offers of their sweet dog in the latest Alaskan Bush People season. “Mr. Cupcake was close with all of us. He was a very important part of the family,” she cries.

To watch the Brown family’s tribute to their late dog, Outsider has you covered. Here’s to many more happy memories for Rain and Jackson Maine.