‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Bear and Raiven Open Up About Including Son River in Wedding

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown was thrilled to announce that his girlfriend, Raiven Adams, had officially taken his last name on January 16. Now that the two have settled back into their home in Washington as a married couple, they’ve opened up about the wedding planning process and shared insight on some of the more important decisions they made about the ceremony. In an exclusive clip from the show, the newlyweds decided to chat about two very important members of the wedding – their almost-two-year-old son, River, and Bear’s late father, Billy.

While River would no doubt make the cutest ring bearer, the couple decided to make him an honorary groomsman instead, according to the bride.

“For us I think one of the most important things was kind of including River in the wedding,” Raiven explained. “Obviously, it’s not as conventional, but we wanted him to be a part of it. But he’s still a little bit young for the ring bearer situation. So, we went ahead and just had him stand with Bear.”

Raiven’s hesitancy to make River a ring bearer was probably the right move. Knowing how “extreme” the tot already is, he might not have made it down the aisle with both rings. Nevertheless, the sweet and smiley boy seemed more than happy to stand by his father’s side during the ceremony.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bride Explains Significance of Rings

Even though Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy wasn’t at the wedding, his influence was still very apparent. Raiven and Bear both made sure that Billy’s memory was a part of the ceremony, and as it turns out, he helped pick out one of the most important aspects of the wedding – Raiven’s engagement ring.

She explained in the exclusive video that Billy had actually accompanied his son when he went ring shopping back in 2019. The Alaskan Bush People leader helped Bear select the perfect diamond, setting and band for his future bride, thrilled that the family was expanding. Unfortunately, he would not live to see the day that Bear would wear a ring of his own. However, Bear knows that he’s still watching over the family.

“I only wish Da had been there, but I know he was watching from the best seat! I look forward to building a life, a family and a home with Raiven, she’s the love of my life and my heart belongs to her and her alone,” Bear Brown told PEOPLE.

Raiven’s engagement ring is a three-stone with a white gold band and channel set diamonds. She now wears a matching wedding band of the same metal and style.