‘Alaskan Bush People’: Watch Bear Brown Honor Dad Billy in Moving Clip From Upcoming Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is feeling the loss of his father, Billy, particularly hard lately. And in a moving clip from this weekend’s upcoming episode, Brown sends a symbolic tribute to Billy.

Moving forward after losing Alaskan Bush People’s patriarch Billy Brown hasn’t been easy for the Browns. Billy was the visionary of the family who knew everything about the inner workings of their Washington ranch. The Browns always followed Billy’s lead. And, of course, they loved him dearly.

So not only is it hard to continue their lifestyle without Billy Brown, but they’re also still mourning his sudden death. And on Sunday’s episode (October 31st), Billy’s son, Bear, is working through his grief by cutting off his long hair and sending it downriver.

In a preview of the Discovery Channel’s reality series, Bear speaks about the devastating loss of his father. Bear shared that as a kid and teenager, he always tagged along with his father in the wilderness.

“I always liked to go with dad. It’s like, you know, can I go with you dad? Can I hunt with you? Can I go on a skiff with you, and can I go fishing with you?” he told the camera. “And right now, I can’t go with him uh so I would at least like to send a piece of me with him.

Having those bonding memories has made the past few weeks emotional for Bear. And those memories made Billy want to connect with his father’s spirit.

Bear Brown from ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Cuts Hair to Honor Father Billy Brown

Up until the filming of this week’s Alaskan Bush People, Billy Brown was the only person who ever cut Bear Brown’s hair. The reality star said that his “hair was always a big thing” for him. And his dad was the only person he trusted to maintain it.

“So, I’m gonna cut my ponytail off in order to send it with dad,” he said while sitting on the riverbank of his family ranch.

“Ever since Dad passed away, it’s almost like I’m gonna hear his voice in the wind.” he continued. “You can see him in the sunrise and the sunsets. I know that if he was here, that he’d be telling me that everything’s okay. I know that he’s in a better place now, and he’s looking down on all of us from heaven.

Bear continued to express how much he misses his dad, and he said he wants Billy to know that he still loves him “very much.”

“I miss him very much—I wish he was here,” he said. “And I will try to live up to him as much as I can.”