‘Alaskan Bush People’: Watch Bird Brown’s Emotional Reunion With Horse After Wildfire

by Quentin Blount

Okay, Alaskan Bush People fans. We are getting more and more details about the moments when the Brown family had to evacuate their Washington property.

There is no denying that we are all excited about the newest season of Alaskan Bush People being underway. The fan-favorite show returned for its 13th season back in September. And now that it’s back, we are discovering more details about the final days of family patriarch Billy Brown. Not only that, but we are also learning about the moments before and after the family’s Washington property was ravaged by the Palmer fire.

The official Alaskan Bush People Twitter account posted a short preview of the new episode on Sunday. Bird Brown can be seen breaking down in tears. She was all up in her emotions as she reunited with her beloved horse North. She was fearing the worst — that North and the rest of her horses and animals would perish in the wildfire.

But they were in fact reunited. And her beautiful animal nuzzled right up next to her owner in one of the sweetest things you will see all day. Check out the clip down below.

“‘For a minute when he was hugging me it felt like Da’ was hugging me. Because he meant so much to Da,'” Bird said. “The Browns work hard to bring the horses back to the mountain on a new #AlaskanBushPeople now on @Discovery and @discoveryplus.”

Bird Struggled to Evacuate Animals During Previous ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Episode

If you are all caught up on Alaskan Bush People, then you already know that in a previous episode, Bird had a hard time evacuating all of her animals. She cried at the thought of “letting her animals down.”

“We can’t leave any of them behind,” Bird called out at the time.

But she and her sister Rain were only given a 30-minute timeframe to go back to their ranch to try and get the horses to safety.

“The rest of the horses didn’t want to come,” she explained. “They were just so scared, and they didn’t want to listen. But they’re loose, so they should avoid the fire, but we have to go back down. The flames are, like, circling us. The winds are picking up, too. You can see the embers flying around. The forest service and the fire watch gave us a really small window to be able to get up and get what we could.”

After they headed back down the mountain and were away from all of the flames and smoke, all Bird could do was cry. She was unable to save the family’s most beloved horse, North. Little did she know at the time that she would be reunited with her animal not long after.