Alec Baldwin Gets Emotional Telling Story of ‘2022 Miracle’

by Clayton Edwards

To say that Alec Baldwin is having a rough time would be an understatement. It started in October of last year. An accident involving a gun on the set of the western Rust left one crew member dead and another injured. Since then, much of the investigation of the accident has centered on Baldwin.

The veteran actor appears distraught by the incident and the negative attention. So, when one stranger offered him a small act of kindness, it meant the world to him.

Earlier this month, Alec Baldwin was having lunch with a friend. While they sat at their table a young woman came by and handed Baldwin a Splenda packet on which she had written a note. The note consisted of a few kind words and wished the actor a Happy New Year. The words on the small paper packet struck a chord with Baldwin. That young lady probably had no idea what her act of kindness meant to him.

Unfortunately, before Alec Baldwin could share photos of the Splenda packet with his followers, he lost it. Baldwin was sure that the small memento was gone forever. He posted a video talking about the packet and how much it meant to him.

Alec Baldwin Gets a 2022 Miracle

Earlier today, Alec Baldwin posted an emotional video to his Instagram feed. In the video, Baldwin says he went to visit his friend, David. When he got there, David and his daughter told Alec the story of how their neighbor went to a local takeout restaurant and found his missing Splenda packet.

It’s obvious that Alec Baldwin is nearly moved to tears by David’s neighbor’s gesture. Then, he shares what the note said. “You are 100 percent true. Thanks for the laughs, Good Sir. Cheers to a new year. Love you.”

Baldwin goes on to say that having the packet back in his hands is “nothing short of a miracle.” He goes on to ponder what this means for him. “Does this mean 2022 is going to be a good year? Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Before moving on to talk about other, less heartwarming topics, Alec Baldwin places the Splenda packet in his coat pocket and zips it shut. He won’t lose the miraculous memento again.

Be Someone’s 2022 Miracle

Little things like Alec Baldwin’s Splenda packet are making big differences in everyday people’s lives all the time.

Usually, we don’t know what people are going through when we see them in passing. Maybe they’re having the best day of their life. On the other hand, maybe they’re hanging on by a thread. Either way, do something nice today. Be someone’s 2022 miracle. It doesn’t take much. Hold a door, share some kind words, pay for a stranger’s coffee. Little things can mean a lot. Enough small candles will light up even the darkest room.