’All My Children’s Susan Lucci Speaks Out About Undergoing Second Heart Procedure

by Michael Freeman

It’s no secret Susan Lucci starred in All My Children for more than four decades, remaining a show mainstay. A lesser-known fact though is the actress battling heart problems. She recently spoke about undergoing her second heart procedure, cautioning women to “take care of yourself.”

Best known for playing Erica Kane in All My Children, Lucci spoke to Fox News about her heart health. The actress confirmed she recently underwent her second emergency heart procedure. A spokesperson also responded to inquiries, confirming the news and stating she received her third stent. Sending a statement to the news outlet, she hopes publicly sharing her experience will encourage other women to do the same.

“From my experience, I want to say to women: give yourself permission to take care of yourself,” Lucci wrote. “Be guilt-free, put yourself at the top of your to-do list, and be your best advocate. We need to do better because women are not men. Every cell in our body is different, and so are our heart event symptoms.”

The second emergency heart operation came to be after Lucci began experiencing symptoms again this January. These included shortness of breath and discomfort around her rib cage. However, in this instance, she felt sharp jaw pain. At her husband’s request, she called her cardiologist, who encouraged her to go to the ER. That evening, she went to the hospital and had a third stent inserted in an adjacent artery the following morning.

Finally, Lucci strongly urges people to address any symptoms they feel, no matter how seemingly minor. “It’s really important to listen to your body,” she said. “If it’s not behaving in a way that’s normal to you, don’t be afraid that they’ll think you’re overreacting. Go to the hospital, go to the ER. … Go and listen to your body and act on it.”

Susan Lucci Remembered Working with Betty White on ‘Hot in Cleveland’

Though Susan Lucci’s legacy lies with All My Children, she has had several other notable roles over the years. One of them happens to be on Hot in Cleveland with Betty White, an experience she fondly remembers.

Recalling the experience with PEOPLE, she talked about not knowing what to expect when she came to the set. Upon arriving, she didn’t know what to do and stood by the door to not disrupt anything. Betty White noticed this and quickly beckoned her over. “All of a sudden Betty White — who I had never met, but admired so much, of course, from Golden Girls and everything else, just like everybody else — called out to me in a stage whisper, ‘Susan, Susan! Come sit next to me,’ and she patted the director’s chair next to her.”

Lucci continued, saying she would “never forget that” and called working with White “delightful.”