Amanda Kloots Recalls Her Son Acting as ‘Portal’ for Late ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Husband Nick Cordero

by Suzanne Halliburton

Amanda Kloots believes her late husband Nick Cordero, recently visited her. She says she felt the energy of the former Blue Bloods actor sweep into her car. And she could see him reflected in their son, Elvis.

This happened recently, Kloots said, during an interview with the podcast Dear Gabby. Cordero, who played Victor Lugo on Blue Bloods, died in July 2020 after a long battle with COVID-19.

Kloots, a co-host of The Talk and contestant on Dancing with the Stars, said she recently could feel her husband’s presence in her car.

“That day was so bonkers,” Kloots said. “I was in a parking lot getting Elvis in his car seat and I just felt his energy shift. It was the weirdest, but yet not weird at all, thing. This energy whooshed in. All of the sudden, Elvis is staring at me.

“I start staring at him and I lock eyes and I give him a hug,” she said. “He’s hugging me, and he’s holding me, and he won’t let me go. Every time I try to pull away he just grabs on to me more.

“Then I finally pull away and I’ve locked eyes with him and he starts touching my face, like holding my face in his hands, going over my eyes and then opening my eye and doing that over and over again. And he’s staring at me while he’s doing it.”

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Kloots Always Updated Health Status of Cordero, the Blue Bloods Star

Kloots often shared her husband’s COVID struggle on social media. Cordero, who besides his role on Blue Bloods also was a Broadway standout, died July 5, 2020. He was only 41 and in terrific health before he contracted the virus.

Kloots said that Elvis grabbed her hand and then her ring finger. She still wears her ring. Kloots said her son stared at the ring, then he “takes his little hands, puts them on my face, pulls me into his and kisses me and holds it there, for what to me felt like five minutes.”

It was a sweet moment between mother and her little son. But was little Elvis a kind of conduit so that Cordero could make contact again? Kloots said the energy changed and Elvis was back to being her toddler again. The host of the podcast suggested Elvis was a “portal” so that her husband, the Blue Bloods cast member, could communicate with her.

Podcast host Gabby Bernstein told Kloots “When people are that open they have the ability to literally embody someone’s spirit.”

Cordero was in the hospital for three months as doctors tried to save his life from the virus. He was admitted to the hospital, March 30, 2020. Doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia. By mid-April, doctors amputated his right leg because of blood clots. Kloots was open about Cordero’s struggle with COVID as she provided almost daily updates on his condition on social media.

Kloots joined the cast of The Talk as a full-time host in early 2021. Cordero was a super talented actor with a big career still in front of him. He was a recurring cast member as a mobster on Blue Bloods and also appeared in Law & Order: SVU.

The couple were two months away from their third anniversary when Cordero died.