‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Poses With a Mr. T Lookalike

by Shelby Scott

“American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr. has stepped away from battling the cold of New York recently, choosing to instead embrace the warmth and sunshine of our beloved Sunshine State. That said, it doesn’t mean Sr.’s been putting any less work into both his passion for custom bikes and big biceps. Now, in his latest Instagram post, we caught Orange County Chopper’s lead man posing alongside a Mr. T lookalike. Check it out.

Attending what appears to be a promotional event, Paul Teutul Sr. and “Mr. T” sit side by side, sharing a smile and showing off their left (large) biceps.

“Will the real mr T stand up, met this guy at Burts barracuda HD, he has a heart as big as [his] arms,” the “American Chopper” star captioned the photo. That said, that’s some heart, though I definitely wouldn’t recommend messing with those muscles.

Meanwhile, “American Chopper” fans took to the comments to share their love for the lookalike and Sr. both.

“Bringing back memories of the A-team,” began one follower. “[T]hey were inventive and creative, one of my favorite TV-Series of all time.”

A few comments further, the Mr. T lookalike commented, “Thank you my brother, you’re a great friend!”

Further, other followers commented on the “American Chopper” star’s muscles as well.

“Senior is still jacked after all these years,” wrote one follower followed by, “Is Paul Teutulsr the Hulk Hogan?”

‘American Chopper’ Star’s Companions Share Sweet Moment

While even at 72 years old, “American Chopper’s” Paul Teutul Sr. remains a muscular icon. That said, just because he boasts a tough exterior doesn’t mean he lacks a softer interior.

Fans of Paul Teutul Sr. know that, alongside his passion for motorcycles, the “American Chopper” star also boasts quite a collection of four-legged friends. His Florida home lies residence to several horses, dogs, and even a cow or two. Oftentimes, they feature more prevalently on the celebrity’s Instagram page than he and his family do.

Now, in his most recent fur-dad post, Sr. captured an adorable video of his dog Chester trying to encourage one of his horse companions to play with him.

The video captures the large, tawny dog jumping up beside the horse’s pen, playfully nipping at the equine’s ears and face.

Sr. captioned the clip, “Chester is trying to find someone who will play with him, cow’s are next.”

Unfortunately, Sr. never updated us as to whether Chester found a playmate, however, the video of the two animals garnered lots of attention nonetheless.

“So adorable,” commented several fans, while others wrote, “I love him so much.” Additional comments boasted a collection of hearts, smiley faces, and multiple other affectionate reactions.