‘American Chopper’: Paul Teutul Jr.’s MLB Motorcycle Is an All-American Machine

by Matthew Memrick

Paul Teutul Jr. took a trip down memory lane with an All-American Machine, and the “American Chopper” showed off that bike as his 2019 MLB motorcycle.

The “American Chopper” star and New York resident posted a mockup of the bike and said the project was “one of my favorite and most iconic builds” and captioned it, “the MLB Bike in all her glory.”

Maybe he misses his dad, Paul Sr., down there in sunny Florida? Or perhaps it was just a homage to an awesome Paul Jr. Designs bike? Or maybe it was a tribute to Major League Baseball’s players now locked out as the league’s business negotiations stalled out. Possibly the baseball players and owners can come together and fix this mess?

All we can do is look and appreciate the fine-looking machine for now.

“American Chopper” Family Came Together Over Bike

If the Teutels came together over a bike, maybe there’s hope for baseball owners and players over the winter.

In a 2018 MLB article, the two men had not spoken to each other for about a decade. But they both came together to restore a bike they worked on previously.

The men showed the rebuilt bike off in a July 16, 2018 episode titled “Yanks for the Memories” on The Discovery Channel.

The duo unveiled the bike at MLB Network studios with former players Kevin Millar, Harold Reynolds, Eric Byrnes, and Sean Casey. NFL broadcaster and Discovery Channel host Chris Rose was also there.

The bike’s backstory started in 2005 when former Yankees catcher Jorge Posada and his wife, Laura, wanted it. They hoped to auction it off for their foundation’s annual fundraising event. After the project, Paul Sr. bought the bike at the auction.  

“He had it for about 12 years and sold it,” Paul Jr. told MLB.com. “Whoever bought it, my suspicion is, somewhere along the line, someone intentionally destroyed it for — and this is speculative — maybe insurance money.”

Maybe the bike’s owner was a Red Sox fan? Hotcars.com ranked it sixth on its worst “American Chopper” bikes. Strangely, a Santa bike was rated eighth, and a Donald Trump-inspired bike came in at No. 2. The website also said the Yankee homage bike came in season 2.

Yankees Bike A Lesson For ‘American Chopper’ Stars To Connect

Junior said he was looking to do a project with his dad. A guy calls him about the Yankees bike and a salvage auction and wants Junior to build parts for the bike. Junior ended up buying the bike to work on it with his dad.

The six-month project came with restoration and refurbishing along with some modernizing changes. But it also served as a way to reconnect after all those unspoken years. 

Paul Sr. said (the show producers) suggested that “we work on the bike together.” Together, he said the duo “realized that life is moving on and it’s too short” and that they were “probably better together than apart.”