‘American Chopper’: Paul Teutul Jr. Shares a ‘Sneak Peek’ of a Current Bike Build

by Jonathan Howard

While he doesn’t make bikes with his dad anymore American Chopper star Paul Teutul Jr. still works hard in his own shop.

For years the Teutul family brought the coolest and wildest designs to Americans on TV. If there was a special event, there was a motorcycle for it. They have done superhero builds, sports teams, and unique custom designs. It appears that Paul Jr. is back in the shop and working on yet another build.

While it doesn’t have much yet, it looks like it is coming along just fine. It has a low profile and looks like a bike you would expect from Paul Jr Designs. So, check out the post below and see for yourself.

Junior said, “Sneak peek of the mock-up stage for one of my current builds,” in the caption. Fans were so excited to see the new build. They offered congratulations and wowed at the bike. While there is a lot to be done, the mock-up leaves the designer in a great position to do something awesome.

Those long, low-riding bikes are a signature of the Teutul family. Those bikes on American Chopper are just that, choppers. When they get their hands on a build, there is no telling where it will go. However, you know it is going to be a great design no matter what they do.

One of the most iconic builds that the American Chopper guys made has to be their Major League Baseball build. It is just as American as apple pie, hot dogs, and well, baseball.

‘American Chopper’ MLB Throwback

Last week, Teutul Jr. was feeling a little nostalgic. So, he decided to share with fans an old build he did back in 2019. Made for the MLB itself, the bike is, “one of my [Jr’s] favorite and most iconic builds.” The post comes amid the lockout in Major League Baseball while the union and league negotiate a new deal.

This bike is the one that brought the family back together in 2018-2019. Senior and Junior did not see eye to eye and had not spoken to one another in many years. However, they did come together to make this bike. They really knocked it out of the park, too.

With the MLB logo blown up to make up the paint job on the whole bike. Then the wheels are stylized as baseballs with seams and all. The handlebars are placed low and almost straight back. Perhaps the best part of the entire build is the glove seat. The leather looks so good and brings the entire thing together. Hopefully, we can see another build between father and son again in the future.