‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Spends Some Time Off With His Girlfriend

by Jonathan Howard

Paul Teutul Sr might not be on TV as much as he used to be. However, the American Chopper star looks like he is using the time wisely.

Over on his Instagram, fans can keep up with Teutul and all that he is doing. He posts updates rather often and it can be anything from his dog, to around the house, and of course, when he gets out and has a good time. Life seems to be going well for the motorcycle build master.

His latest update shows that he is taking time to hang out with his girlfriend. The two look like they were out having a good time away from things. Still, with that iconic mustache, Teutul looks mostly the same as he always has. Check out the post below and see for yourself.

“Good to get away and chill for a little,” the American Chopper star captioned the photo.

When most people think about Paul Sr, they don’t necessarily think “chill.” However, he can find time to relax. His girlfriend, Joan Bulger Kay, is becoming more common on his Instagram page. He posted a montage of photos and videos of her and the two of them together earlier in the week.

Plenty of motorcycles, dates, and other fun things are ahead for Paul and Joan. Some folks might see Teutul as the hot-headed mechanic and bike builder from TV. However, it’s clear that he has another side to him. Between videos of his dogs, pig, family, and loved ones, life seems good for the American Chopper star.

‘American Chopper’ Takes the Stage at Billy Joel Show

Back when American Chopper was in Season 4, the team had a great build for an awesome event. Build a bike for a Billy Joel concert. Senior and Junior and all that were involved got the bike together in time for a big concert. Apparently, Joel was quite a tough customer.

When the episode aired, it was an entertaining chapter in the show. The Long Island singer wanted a bike. And, he wanted it to be a certain way. There were some difficult customers and clients on American Chopper however, this one was equal parts funny and surprising. Who would have thought the Uptown Girl singer would be so difficult.

In the end, the bike got done, as it always did. The American Chopper crew delivered. The Indian bobber bike was built and the obstacles were cleared. Teutul and his OCC shop took the bike to the show and drove it out on stage. As for Teutul, he said, “The concert was all right the bike was cooler.” Fair enough.