‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Looks Back on Unveiling Bike During Billy Joel Concert

by Matthew Memrick

Paul Teutul Sr. recounted his Billy Joel bike reveal on the concert stage from the Season 4 episode of “American Chopper.”

The star posted an Instagram clip from the event and joked about it. Senior added that “the concert was all right. The bike was cooler.”

IMDb put the bike in the Season 4, Episode 7 show. Joel comes to the OCC shop, wanting a vintage Indian bobber bike. According to the show plot, Joel’s pretty demanding, and the family “struggles to bring Billy’s dream bike to life.” 

Design By Joyce went into a little more detail about the chopper. The musician keeps it in his 75-plus motorcycle collection at his 20th Century Cycles shop in Oyster Bay. 

Social Media Recalls In Senior Moment

One Instagram commenter replied to Senior’s post, saying, “This whole story was hilarious. The bike rocks.”

Another former OCC worker, Rick Petko, chimed in. He said, “I still have the original frenched in taillight I made for that bike, he didn’t like it, but after that day he was a cool cat.”

According to Altdriver, Petko worked for Orange County Choppers for 13 years before parting ways with the shop in 2016.

Another fan remembered the show at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse while others wanted “American Chopper” to come back.

“American Chopper” Star Loving His Big American Flag

The “American Chopper” star recently posted a picture of his OCC shop with the largest freestanding American flag in Florida.

Teutel watched as Bert King put up the flag pole at the end of 2021 outside his Harley-Davison shop next to the OCC Roadhouse and Museum at 10525 49th Street North in Clearwater. 

A group of employees raised the flag at the beginning of January. The OCC team did a series of videos for Facebook and showed off one of the new flags.

King reportedly said he’ll buy as many flags as it takes if the flags wear down with weather damage. Flag Systems of Dallas-Fort Worth put together the flags and flag pole setup for the Harley-Davidson owner.

The flag pole itself is reportedly 200 feet tall, and King got two Old Glory flags to use over the year. The owner reportedly will swap them out every six months to make repairs if necessary.

Five high-intensity Halogen spotlights illuminate the flag from the bottom up at night.

Newspaper Calls OCC Shop, Museum A Top Story of 2021

Creative Loafing Tampa said Senior’s new setup with Keith Overton was one of their top stories last year.

Teutul Sr. opened a restaurant and museum next to Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson and a June grand opening.

The newspaper proclaimed that Tampa Bay “American Chopper” fans now had a shrine in Pinellas Park.