‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. on the Biggest American Flag in Florida: ‘Proud to Have It Here’

by Matthew Memrick

Paul Teutul Sr. is proud to be an American, and the “American Chopper” star is now showing it in from on his OCC shop with the largest American flag in Florida.

The star recently had a flag pole installed outside the shop back on Dec. 30. On Friday, Teutul Sr. posted an artsy Instagram photo of the flag and captioned it, “This Flag is 50 (feet by) 100 (feet) the biggest flag in the state of Florida, proud to have it there.”

The flag is between the OCC Roadhouse and Museum and Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson shop at 10525 49th St N in Clearwater.

Flag Installation A Massive Undertaking

The flag pole itself is reportedly 200 feet tall outside the “American Chopper” star’s shop. Two massive cranes worked to put it in the ground last week. In another OCC video, Harley dealer Bert King was also behind the new flag. 

King acquired two flags for the pole. In a 12-minute video, the OCC Shop narrator said that both flags would be rotated into use every six months. When the flag comes down, it will get any necessary repairs or restoration. I wonder if the “American Chopper” star will have a hand in that.

King reportedly said he’ll buy as many flags as it takes if the flags wear down with sun and wind damage. The Texas company behind the flag is called Flag Systems of Dallas-Fort Worth.

The flag also has its own FAA exclusion zone. That means that planes cannot fly near it because there is no beacon to warn pilots at the top of the pole. The flag, however, is 10 to 15 minutes south of the St. Petersburg Airport, but passengers will get to see it. 

Five high-intensity Halogen spotlights illuminate the flag from the bottom.

Is “American Chopper” Star Right About Largest Florida Flag?

Well, technically, it’s the largest freestanding flag. We’ll give Senior a break on this because he’s new to Florida.

The city of Destin has the largest American flag mural, and the Guinness Book of World Records even recognizes it.

Painter Robert Wyland pained an acre-long mural (54 feet by 299 feet) atop a marine building near the Destin Mid-Bay Bridge. He put it on the marina roof as a salute to the armed forces in the area. Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field Air Force Base are near the mural. 

Social Media A Buzz About New Flag

Since Senior raised his new flag, social media fans have applauded him for his work in several OCC Facebook page posts and Instagram account.

One person asked if the flag would stay up at night, and some responded that it would get taken down. But that’s not clear at this time. The OCC Facebook page posted an eight-second flag clip with spotlights shining on it at night.

Some shared other places with massive American flags in the post’s comments section.