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‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Drops Hilarious Video of His ‘Class Act’ Pet Pig

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Jason Kempin/FilmMagic)

In past weeks, “American Chopper” star Paul Teutul Sr. has teased horses, but now he’s back to his “class act” pet pig with a hilarious new video.

The star captured Peaches the pig again, saying she was “she’s definitely a class act” on Monday.

He posted an Instagram video of her back in August, saying she “She’s always grouchy in the morning, till she has that 1st cup of coffee.”

This time, the “American Chopper” star commented on her grace and beauty. Ok, well maybe not. But Senior follows her around, to which one fan said she loved Peaches’s “little simper sounds.”

Others joke about Peaches being a cat or a dog, but we can see Senior has a soft spot in his heart for this prime swine.

‘American Chopper’ Fans Get One Minute Of Peaches Drama

The “American Chopper” star starts his adorable video with the grey pig coming up to him.

“What are you doing,” the “American Chopper” star asks in a stern guy voice. That question freezes Peaches in her tracks for a slight second. Another question seems about if she’s going to her room puzzles ol’ Peaches.

She traipses closer to Senior, who points the camera down toward her. A few snout swivels, and she’s still confused.

Senior asks, “what do you want to do” as if he’s going to take her out on a date or something.

After the questions, she clomps around on Senior’s wooden floor, simpering and grunting like she just wants to get away from him.

He asks again where she’s going, as he works for TMZ or some paparazzi outfit. She keeps going along before turning around as if to give him an answer.

Teutel gives her some back pats as she seems to moan a little. Then, in a fitting video ending, the pleased pig drops down on one side to rest.

“Are you alright,” Teutel Sr. asks as if he needs a stick to see if she’s still alive.

August Peaches Interaction A Fun One

Back then, Senior had fun showing off his prime porker. But she was a little grumpier then too. Blame it on the coffee or lack thereof.

Senior was in his questioning mode back then, asking her if she was ready to go. His enthusiasm was just *drops sunglasses* peachy. Sorry, Peaches.

Anyway, the “American Chopper” star opens a bedroom door, and out comes Peaches. Tada!

Senior’s grumpiness shows a little as he asks the giant grey pig to move along. He’s trying to get her to the door for a bathroom trip, she’s taking her time, and he’s fussing. It sounds like all the great things about owning a pig all rolled into one experience.

Senior then biffs on the door opening, and she’s out the door. That doesn’t matter to the “American Chopper” star as he calls her “Fatso” to round out the video.