‘American Chopper’ Star Paul Teutul Sr. Jokingly Reveals What He Did in His ‘Other Life’

by Joe Rutland

Find you some tools and get busy, Outsiders. That might be the suggestion from American Chopper star Paul Teutul Sr. based on his new project.

Teutel, who starred in the reality TV series, took a photo of what he’s working on and shared it on Instagram.

Take a look as the American Chopper leader gives us a glimpse.

With all those tools out there, Teutul might find himself working on that garage door. But it would not surprise me if the man finds a way to work on a motorcycle, too.

American Chopper remains popular with those who are into motorcycles. Also, anyone ‘who is into the motorcycle lifestyle as well.

The show ran for eight seasons on Discovery Channel and TLC (The Learning Channel). Besides Teutul Sr., his son Paul Teutul Jr. (Paulie) was on American Chopper.

‘American Chopper’ Star Finds Himself Pranked With Electric Gun

Anyone who has seen American Chopper knows that Paul Teutul Sr. is serious about his business.

But he also loves his family. And that serious business mindset can quickly turn into some fun with a Teutul twist.

So, Paul Sr. was hanging with another son, Mikey, quite recently.

A photo was put on Instagram of them having dinner together and enjoying each other’s company.

Well, right after the photo was posted, Teutul Sr. put up a video of himself getting pranked.

That loud laughing you hear? That is Mikey just cracking up.

What does he have in his hand? It looks to be a small toy of some kind. Clearly, the tiny pistol just shoots doesn’t shoot anything but a small shock up your arm. Paul Teutul Sr. got pranked pretty good with the little toy. 

By the time he knows what has hit him, it is too late. Catch the video right here.

Teutul Sr. Shows Off His Metal-Working Project, Which Is Coming Up With Sissy Bar

Speaking of projects, Teutul Sr. is still tinkering with things for a motorcycle. It’s in his blood and will not go away.

Well, he went to Instagram and shared his metal-working project. For him, he’s giving this a third try to get the hang of it. Teutul Sr. says he better have it.

American Chopper fans complimented him as he is working on a motorcycle sissy bar project. 

Fan Stephen Kitshoff comments about his struggles with this piece, too.

“Very nice,” he writes. “I recently made my own sissy bar and some other custom pieces for my Dyna, sissy bar took me five attempts, but happy with the final product. Trying it myself gave me a real appreciation for what you guys do on a daily basis.”