‘American Idol’ Fans Sound Off on Bobby Bones Exiting Show

by Victoria Santiago

Bobby Bones, a mentor on American Idol, has announced that he won’t be joining the show for another season. When promos were released without him in them, many people speculated what Bones’ plans were. He eventually announced that he won’t be returning. Fans had a lot to say about the announcement, and about American Idol in general.

In an Instagram story, Bones shared that his new show conflicts with American Idol. “My contract with my new network won’t let me do another show right now. Love Idol, BTW. Was a great 4 years,” he wrote. He mentioned that the network hasn’t even announced the show yet, which led to fans trying to guess what show he’ll be appearing on.

One Twitter user thinks that Bones might be migrating to CBS’s new show Beyond The Edge. “I believe Bobby Bones is on the new CBS celebrity #Survivor like show #BeyondTheEdge. It filmed in Panama in Sept/Oct, premieres Spring 2022, Bobby no longer on ABC’s American Idol, hosting CBS NYE, he was in Coasta Rica which is next to Panama but won’t say why he was there,” @DarrellMHughes tweeted.

While it doesn’t take much to piece the clues together, some fans don’t really care either way. “Good!!! He was useless on the show” and “He was on American idol?!?!” were both commented under a Facebook post by Entertainment Weekly. Even still, other commenters chimed in with opinions about the show as a whole. With Bones leaving, some people began to reflect on how long American Idol has been running. That’s a valid point – the show has been on air since 2002.

Bobby Bones spent four years on the popular singing competition show. He first appeared as a guest mentor on Season 16 of the show. By the next season, he was promoted to being a full-time in-house mentor. He stayed on as an in-house mentor for two additional seasons. He’s leaving the show right before their milestone of 20 seasons.

On the show, Bones gave contestants valuable advice and direction. He helped correct the songs they covered, and even offered advice on which songs would work for which people. During the process, he was able to remain kind and helpful. American Idol will have a hard time replacing the useful mentor.

Bones is the only person leaving the show. Host Ryan Seacrest and judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie will all be returning. Upon announcing his departure, Bones took some time to reflect on the relationships he built with the judges. He spoke fondly of his friend Luke Bryan, saying he could “talk for 10 hours” about the country music star. He established relationships with Perry and Ritchie, too, saying that they both were welcoming and nice. Bones’ presence will be missed on the show, but surely American Idol will pull out all of the stops for such an important season. Season 20 will premiere at the end of February.