‘American Idol’ Mentor Bobby Bones Exiting Show Ahead of Season 20

by Amy Myers

After four years as the mentor of American Idol, Bobby Bones is stepping away from his role on the popular singing competition series. The news broke ahead of Season 20 when fans began to realize that the promos didn’t include their favorite mentor.

During a Q&A session on a past Instagram story, one American Idol watcher asked about Bones’ recent trip to Costa Rica. That’s when the radio show host-turned mentor revealed that he wouldn’t be a part of Season 20.

“And some of you noticed, I’m not in the ‘Idol’ promos this season. My contract [with] my new network won’t let me do another show right now,” Bones wrote. “Love ‘Idol,’ BTW. Was a great 4 years.”

For several years, Bones has provided some much-needed advice and support to fledging vocalists that needed help with the direction of their talent. Bones has consistently provided valuable insight regarding which songs to cover and corrections to make.

According to the former American Idol celebrity, he left the show to pursue a new project, however, “the network hasn’t even announced the show yet. So I’m going to chill for a bit. But it’s a really good show.”

American Idol has yet to reveal who will replace Bones in the upcoming season, but the next star will certainly need to be just as charismatic, kind and informative as their predecessor.

‘American Idol’ Mentor Reflects on Time with Judges

During his time on American Idol, Bones has grown close to the judges, especially Luke Bryan. The two icons share a lot in common, including a zip code. Not to mention, Bones grew up listening to country music, so he’s likely one of Bryan’s biggest fans, too.

“Luke Bryan is actually a close friend of mine,” said Bones. “To work with Luke is a lot like hanging out with Luke. He’s a good dude. I could talk about Luke for 10 hours. We live 20 minutes from each other at home. We’re friends so working with him is like working with a friend.”

While Bones is certainly closest to Bryan, he still admires and enjoyed working with Lionel Richie and Katy Perry.

“Lionel Richie is as warm and as welcoming. I don’t think TV is accurately depicting how kind he really is,” the American Idol alum shared. “He’s Lionel Richie. He doesn’t have to be kind. Lionel Richie can do whatever he wants. I think the thing that struck me about Katy the most is that she’s oddly approachable to be Katy Perry. She’s a big star and we’ve been able to have some good talks. I did not know Katy at all so Katy is the newest for me, but she’s been so pleasant.”