‘American Pickers’ Airing in a New Time Slot This Season: How To Watch

by Amy Myers

American Pickers fans might need to rethink their Saturday night plans. The History Channel show now has a new time slot.

Usually, American Pickers stars Mike and Robbie Wolfe and Danielle Colby greet us each Monday night at 9/8 CT. With the first day of the workweek over, fans could crash on their couches after a long day and a hot supper and catch up on the new adventures of the Wolfe brothers and Colby. Sometimes, if they’re lucky, that means they’ll find a classic car or unique piece of burlesque history. But almost always, the hosts of the show meet a fellow collectible enthusiast with a touching story about how these items reminded them of a significant time in their lives. Even something as small as an old motor oil sign can bring people back to their childhood, and that’s why the American Pickers dedicate so much of their time to finding these special items.

Now, the stars will be coming to our screens two days sooner on Saturdays at 9/8 CT. Tonight, the Season 23 premiere, “Skateboards and Gutter Balls” will premiere at the scheduled time on the History Channel. This season will be the first without Frank Fritz.

Check out the episode’s description:

“A California almond farm serves up a hidden stash of retro surf shop relics, and a Prohibition-era bowling alley in L.A. offers a mind-blowing trip back in time.”

Mike Wolfe Gets Fans Hyped for New Episode

Even Mike Wolfe expressed his enthusiasm over the upcoming American Pickers feature in his post on Instagram. The photo featured Mike and his brother in a bowling alley getting ready to knock some pins down.

“We’re rolling into the New Year with NEW episodes of @americanpickers! Tonight watch Robbie and I dig around a California almond farm with a hidden stash from an old surf shop. We even follow a lead to a Prohibition-era bowling alley in L.A. where time has stood still. See y’all tonight at 9/8c on @history,” Mike wrote.

How to Watch Upcoming ‘American Pickers’ Marathon

Next Saturday, January 8, the History Channel has a line-up for American Pickers fanatics. From 1:00 p.m. ET to 11:05 p.m. ET, the network will be playing past episodes of the show as well as Season 23, Episode 2, “Country Road Gold.”

Here’s what we can expect from the second episode of the new season.

“Mike and Robbie Wolfe visit an old-school general store filled with country road gold. And a serious collector opens the doors to his empire of vintage coin-op scales.”

Grab your popcorn and make plans with your couch! You won’t want to miss what the Wolfe brothers find in their upcoming cross-country journeys.