‘American Pickers’: Check Out Season 23 Filming Dates & Locations

by Clayton Edwards

The 23rd season of American Pickers starts filming next year and they already know where they’re heading. It looks like Iowa natives Mike and Robbie Wolfe are going to enjoy some good old-fashioned southern hospitality while they’re looking for rusty gold.

Recently, American Pickers producer Sarah Perkins told The Advocate that Mike and Robbie will be headed to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Filming for the new season starts in February. However, that’s not all she said. If you or someone you know has a collection of antiques or unique items, you could meet the team in person.

Perkins told the outlet that they’re looking for leads across all three states. More specifically, she said, they’re looking for “interesting characters with fascinating items and lots of them.” Then, she explained how they generate leads for the picking team. “The way we find people and collection for our show is through spreading the word far and wide so that people know we’re coming to town.”

Get Your Collection Featured on ‘American Pickers’

Do you live in one of those states? Do you or someone you know have a collection of antiques? Well, this could be your chance to get on American Pickers. Sarah Perkins said they want anyone who has a “large, private collection or accumulation of antiques that the pickers can spend the better part of the day looking through.”

If you have that kind of collection, all you have to do is reach out to the American Pickers team. Send your name, phone number, location, and a description of the collections with pictures to the Cineflix website. You can also call (646) 493-2184 or connect with them on Facebook.

The American Pickers team will be taking everyone’s health and safety into account in the upcoming season. The Advocate reports, “Network officials stress that the show will be following all guidelines and protocols for safe filming outlined by Louisiana and the Centers for Disease Control.”

Why Head to the South?

Mike Wolfe and the American Pickers team are interested in more than buying antiques. They want to delve into America’s history through the artifacts they find. With that in mind, they want to hit places that have long and interesting histories as well as the items to go along with it. That makes a trip to the country’s southern region perfect for the team.

Additionally, the team needs to make sure that the climate in the area is right. Antiques, especially those made of wood, don’t do well in hot, dry places. It gets incredibly hot in the South. However, no one could say that Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama have a lack of humidity. Just ask anyone who has been there in the summer.