‘American Pickers’: Check Out This Incredible Landcruiser Mike Wolfe’s Brother Just Picked

by Amy Myers
(Denver Post via Getty Images)

Thanks to American Pickers host Mike Wolfe, his little brother Robbie has picked up the picking fever. Most recently, Wolfe announced that his 1983 Toyota Landcruiser is now up for sale for $15,500, or the buyer’s best offer. He posted a few photos of the masterpiece of a pick, highlighting its vintage lights, immaculate upholstery and roomy interior.

Ever since starring in the History channel series, Robbie has learned just how exciting and interesting collecting Americana memorabilia can be. In his own spare time, the fellow collector has continued this passion, regularly revamping and reselling his unique finds.

“1983 Toyota Landcruiser Right hand drive turbo diesel 103,000 miles just broke in,” the frequent American Pickers guest star said of his pick.

Wolfe also boasted that the Landcruiser “drives like a dream.”

This isn’t the only example of Robbie Wolfe’s soft spot for unique cars. Much like his older brother, Wolfe loves to bring home classic cars that demonstrate a part of American history that just isn’t as evident anywhere else. Because of this, the American Pickers guest star always looks forward to when a Hess truck stops by with a (relatively) new set of wheels. During its last visit, the trailer dropped off two 1958 Chevy Impalas.

“Always a good day when Hess stops by to say hello and bring the fire,” Wolfe captioned the shot.

Of course, the vehicles had a bit of rust on them. But rust doesn’t scare away the Wolfe brothers. Instead, it encourages them to show its story to the world. So, during the revamping process, the American Pickers brothers always aim to let that history shine through.

Robbie Wolfe Celebrates His ‘American Pickers’ Brother

With all that Mike Wolfe has taught his little brother over the years, Robbie is extremely grateful for their time together. Not only did Mike give Robbie a new hobby to pursue, but he also taught him to look for beauty in things that other people tend to ignore. So, when Mike’s birthday rolled around earlier this month, Robbie didn’t waste the opportunity to sing his praises in a touching tribute.

“Happy Birthday to my big brother so full of life and always willing to teach me about life love you brother,” Wolfe wrote in his message to Mike.

Besides the note, Robbie shared a rare snapshot of the two outside of the show. In it, he and Mike tried to keep warm in some bleachers during a particularly chilly game.