‘American Pickers’: Does Danielle Colby Do Much ‘Picking’ Where She Lives in Puerto Rico?

by Keeli Parkey

When she isn’t traveling across the United States of America with “American Pickers,” star Danielle Colby makes her home in Puerto Rico.

During her recent appearance on “The Sailor Jerry Podcast,” Colby was asked a question that many people probably have for her when they learn that she calls that United States territory home. “Are you picking in Puerto Rico or is that just, you know, is it home?” Sailor Jerry asked the 45-year-old reality television star.

In short, her answer was no. Colby said she does not go out “picking” – or hunting for antiques – on the island that she now calls home. Turns out, she has a very good reason as to why she doesn’t do so.

“You know, I really had tried to when I first got here,” the “American Pickers” star also said. “(There’s) a lot of stuff I was finding that I realized just needed to be in museums, you know. So, it became a little bit difficult.”

On rare occasions, Danielle Colby has spotted and purchased items to take home with her. “So, sometimes I really find really great, like, vintage clothes and stuff like that, which is always really fun,” she explained.

The move to Puerto Rico has also given Colby the opportunity to learn more about “picking.”

“But, it’s been really fun also understanding the antiques and vintage here and what that all means,” the “American Pickers” star also shared.

She has also grown very fond of the architecture on the island. She is particularly fond of her home and its 1970s Puerto Rican style. “I love the architecture and I love just photographing the architecture,” Colby explained.

‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Also Shared Her ‘Favorite Place’ to Search for Antiques

While does very little to no picking at home on the island of Puerto Rico, “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby still knows the places to go to find unique antiques. She also shared those details on the podcast.

“But my favorite place in the world to pick – if I have money, I like going out to the East Coast (of the United States) because that’s where the rare s**t is, right? The rarest in the country you’re going to find out east, normally,” Colby said.

So, where does she like to go if she doesn’t have money? Turns out, she prefers to head home.

“Um, and then if I’m just, you know, kind of like broke-ish but still want to have some fun – Clinton, Iowa,” Colby said. “That’s where I grew up and I still just go there because the vintage stores there, which you have to kind of find them, but the vintage stores there, they’re inexpensive still. And (they have) really cool s**t. You can find really cool stuff there. Most small towns have a good scene.”

You can listen to “American Pickers” star Danielle Colby talk about “picking” in Puerto Rico – and much, much more – during her appearance on “The Sailor Jerry Podcast” by clicking here.