‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Dons a Unique ‘Costume’ While Filming Show

by Courtney Blackann

“American Pickers” star Danielle Colby is definitely known for dressing up. In recent days, she’s posted several Halloween costumes to her social media pages. The star is having all sorts of fun with the spooky holiday. Most recently, Colby shared a behind-the-scenes moment while filming where she puts on an old work coat with the name “Glen” written on it.

She joked about just being “Glen” for Halloween. The “American Pickers” personality shared the video clip to her Instagram.

“Finders keepers, Glen! Maybe I’ll wear this tomorrow and tell everyone I’m in costume as Glen. #bts from filming this week. I’ll be posting more behind the scenes clips on my Patreon this week,” Colby said.

“American Pickers” Star Shares How She Met Mike Wolfe

While Danielle Colby has a well-rounded collection of hobbies including burlesque and roller derby, she got her start on “American Pickers” thanks to Mike Wolfe.

The two go back years before they were plucking old antiques from barns across the nation. She and Wolfe began working on “American Pickers” in 2010, however, Colby knew Wolfe because they are from the same Iowa town.

“We both came from a really small town. And I had kind of heard of him. He had been picking for a long time. And he had kind of heard of me because I liked to skate down on the river with my kids and some friends. So basically, he ran into me; we were at a yard sale. I was really sassy with him, of course, and he thought that was funny. I don’t know. He invited me to some hoedown thing,” said Colby. “All of us were just friends from such a long time ago that I think it was some sort of family function type thing.”

And Colby certainly does add to the show’s appeal. However, while “American Pickers” was launching, producers didn’t initially want Colby to be a member of the show’s professional junkers. But Wolfe convinced them to just film her with him and Frank Fritz. They ended up loving their chemistry and cast her. Colby also said she believes she was needed in Wolfe’s life.

“I think he just needed a female force in his life that could kick his a— every once in a while. I really needed a male force in my life that didn’t think I was crazy for expecting the same thing they expected out of life, I think it all kind of came together. And we have loved and fought so much over the last 20 years, and we’re forever intertwined,” Colby said in an interview with the “The Sailor Jerry Podcast.”