‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Is Feeling Catty as She Models in New ‘Costume’

by Michael Freeman

American Pickers star Danielle Colby is known for her prominent position on the show, but she also possesses numerous interests she pursues on the side. One of those is commissioning and wearing elaborate costumes as part of her passion for burlesque. On that note, her latest endeavor has her feeling rather “catty.”

Posting the newest costume to Instagram yesterday, Colby dons a cheetah-inspired outfit with a twist. Sporting a red cape and a headpiece, the ensemble almost has a Roman feel to it.

“Another iteration of my cat costume! I’ll be debuting it onstage at @dirtyshowdetroit in February. 📸: @madisonhurleyphotography 🩱: @ladyvermilioncostume,” the caption reads.

As she notes in the caption, Colby commissioned the photos from Madison Hurley Photography and the costume from Lady Vermilion Costume. The exhibition she mentions, The Dirty Show, is one of the largest erotic art exhibitions around.

For the uninitiated, besides her charity work, Colby enjoys costumes of all sorts. Whether it’s a circus costume, an 1800’s burlesque costume, or anything in-between, if it has a story, she likes it. If you’re curious about more of her work and outfits, you can visit her official website.

Mike Wolfe Instinctively Knew Danielle Colby Belonged on ‘American Pickers’

A staple on American Pickers, it’s difficult to imagine the show without her. Mike Wolfe feels the same way, saying he immediately knew she’d bring personality to the show.

Speaking to Script Magazine about the show’s humble beginnings, Wolfe instinctively knew Colby belonged there. “The format was underneath my nose, but I hadn’t even seen it until we started making the show,” he explained. “The key was coming up with someone else to do the research that I was doing and that became the format. The structure is based on her… where she sends us, the struggle of what’s going on back at the shop, and her calling to say she just got something appraised.”

Despite The History Channel initially not wanting her on the show, Wolfe pushed back. Further, he claimed she brought personality and story to the shop. “It brings more storyline into it. It brings another relationship, it brings a girl into it. History viewership is 60% male.”

Wolfe continues, saying “The first thing I told her was I wanted her to do it because I want to make a show about antiques that no one has ever seen before, and you look like you have nothing to do with antiques. You’re a smart ass, you’re a girl, and we need a girl.”

Turns out Wolfe’s gut was right. Colby’s unique personality, experience, and mannerisms quickly made her a fan-favorite and show mainstay.