‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Explained Why Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz Would Be ‘Overworked’

by Taylor Cunningham

Starring on American Pickers wasn’t always easy for Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. Due to a hectic picking schedule, the guys spent a lot of time on the road.

In American Pickers, co-hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz traveled the country in search of dusty treasures. According to their wing-woman and current co-host Danielle Colby, the guys would be on the road three weeks out of the month. And sometimes, Danielle would worry about their physical and mental well-being.

“They’re incredibly exhausted,” she told Famous Interviews in 2010. “They’re over-worked. They are so grateful to have this opportunity they look past it all and just keep goin’. I worry about ‘em just a little bit ‘cause they do work so hard.”

At the time of the interview, American Pickers was airing its 1st season. Mike Wolfe had only just landed a production deal after years of trying. And he wasn’t taking any chances on losing his new reality series.

“They’re extremely driven men. After this is all done, this will last a few years,” Danielle continued. “If we’re lucky, we’ll have 5, 10 years of this, and then maybe they’ll have some time to rest and just kind of kick back and enjoy life a little more and retire ‘cause they’re so old.”

Of course, what Danielle Colby didn’t know was that the show would last more than 10 years. The series just wrapped up its 11th year and 22nd season, with another season on the way. And in the present day, Danielle and Mike’s brother Robbie serve as Mike’s co-hosts.

‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Explained Her Process of ‘Hunting Down Leads’

Before Danielle Colby started traveling the country in Mike Wolfe’s old van as the co-host of American Pickers, she spent her time hunting down leads from Antique Archeology. And thanks to her smarts, Mike and Frank found a lot of treasures.

During a 2010 chat with Famous Interviews, Danielle shared a little insight into her picking savvy. Surprisingly, the reality star never relied on E-Bay or Craig’s List, despite their overwhelming popularity last decade. Her method of tracking down leads was more unique, and she explained the process as “literally hunting.”

“I can’t give away too many details about how I do that because obviously there’s some privacy issues there that he [Mike] doesn’t really want me to give out that information, like specific information,” she shared. “It’s just a matter of searching. Starting out, you do have to be very crafty. You have to really search and be able to char people and get them to trust you that you’re not some shady person who’s going to break into their house. But now, it’s a lot easier ‘cause the show is there so a lot of the leads come in on their own. I just search through those and find the good ones.”