‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Said Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz Got ‘Turned Down a Lot’

by Joe Rutland

People think a show like American Pickers would have quite an easy time getting antiques and collectibles. That’s not always been the case.

Danielle Colby, who is now a co-host along with Mike Wolfe on The History Channel show, talked about this and other things with Famous Interview back in 2010.

When this interview was done, Colby was working for Wolfe at his Antique Archeology shop in LeClaire, Wis. And Frank Fritz was the co-host on American Pickers with Wolfe.

She’s asked about an episode where Wolfe and Fritz got under a stage and pulled out old movie posters. And, why didn’t they just buy that lot.

“There are many times the guys are on the road and people will e-mail me or call in and say, ‘They walked right past that Nash Metropolitan, and they didn’t even offer anything on it,'” Colby said. “But, they do. There are a lot of times where people just say no.

“It’s not really worth putting into the show if they’ve been turned down, ’cause you get turned down a lot,” the American Pickers co-host said. “So, a lot of times it just doesn’t make it in because it’s not as interesting when they get turned down all the time which does happen a lot.”

Fans can go to the show’s website and see episodes.

‘American Pickers’ Co-Host Keeps Her Eyes On A Positive Mindset

Life can get troublesome for everybody. The American Pickers co-host has some thoughts about staying positive.

She did an interview with Metro Times in 2019. Colby said she hears people talk about being “born in the wrong era” or that they would be “burned at the stake” in earlier days.

Colby said that she still sees darkness these days.

“I am amazed to see that we are still fighting for human rights,” she said.

But she has a deep love for history and offers a perspective to the negativity.

“History teaches me that the dollar rules and whoever writes history writes it however they want,” Colby said.

Colby Finds Digging Into Her Passions Helps In Difficult Times

She added that we humans keep repeating mistakes of the past “even though we see millions of people dying because of it.”

What keeps the American Pickers co-host on the upside? Her passions.

“The pretty little things in between like burlesque are great and they keep my mind focused on the positive,” Colby said.

American Pickers gives viewers a trip into the land of Americana. Its items from the antiques and collectibles world become chat-worthy among The History Channel show’s fans.

Some of those fans do want Fritz back on there but that’s probably not going to happen.