‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby is Missing Crab Dinners in New Update

by Joe Rutland

Apparently, being on the road for American Pickers star Danielle Colby stirs up some memories within her for some crab dinners.

Colby, who took over as co-star along with Mike Wolfe, shared a “Throwback Thursday” photo on her Instagram account.

For those who have watched American Pickers religiously, Colby has appeared on The History Channel show over the years.

She worked in Wolfe’s store in Iowa, handling the duties when he was out on the road with Frank Fritz.

Colby joined Wolfe in a starring role when Fritz was fired earlier this year.

American Pickers follows the exploits of Wolfe and Colby as they go “picking” for antiques and collectibles.

The show is currently in Season 22.

If you want to catch episodes and check out show information, then go to the show’s website right here.

Danielle Colby of ‘American Pickers’ Found Love For Picking Started at Church

As a young child, American Pickers star Danielle Colby visited people in her neighborhood. Why? She was looking for items to wear.

Yes, her growing-up years did lead her to start, in essence, “picking.”

Colby visited those she knew in her neighborhood. Being the resourceful, innovative person she remains to this day, the young collector repurposed items and pieces of clothing for her own use.

When she looks back on those times, though, Colby sees how much doing that played a role in who she became.

Colby talked, in an interview with news station WREG, about how an item’s age shows more of its story. It also shows the impact this had on the lives of its owners.

So, if she had not spent time with those older ladies, Colby may never have developed the same love for picking.

Having Roles Both On, Off Camera Truly Helped Her See ‘Picking’ as Dedication

Now, Colby said, “We weren’t rich people. So I kind [of] hung out a lot with the ladies at church, the more mature ladies, and they would kind of take me through their houses and give me their little bobbles and things and dresses. And I would take them home and make them fit me.”

Danielle Colby also said, “That’s kind of where it started for me was just – Necessity’s the mother of invention.”

She had roles both on and off camera that led her to recondition a rusty piece of history.

But Colby also knows that it takes a solid, hardcore effort to become full-time pickers.

“I don’t think that enough people have enough drive to do – it’s a very hard job,” Colby told interviewer Sebastian Tabany. “It’s not for the faint of heart.”