‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Opens Up About Her ‘Very Religious’ Parents

by Joe Rutland

Danielle Colby is definitely making her presence felt this season on “American Pickers.” But the co-host recently talked about her parents.

Her “very religious” parents, no less. Colby was a guest on “The Sailor Jerry Podcast” and shared her thoughts. “Sailor Jerry” spoke about how supportive people were in like burlesque, where Colby did spend some of her life.

“I was kind of raised by really idealistic parents,” she said. “My parents both did their own missionary work. They were very religious but very community, very community-oriented in a deep-rooted way.”

According to a story from the River Cities’ Reader in 2012, the “American Pickers” star’s parents raised her as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Colby can be seen with Mike Wolfe on the History Channel show as they go “picking” for antiques and collectibles.

‘American Pickers’ Star Said History Channel Didn’t Want Colby On Show At First

When “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe was told to get Colby off of his show, well, he just didn’t pay attention to that call.

See, Wolfe knew that Colby could help him in some wonderful ways.

He talked with Jeanne Veillette Bowerman back in 2013, telling the writer about his life.

It was really clear that his story to success did, indeed, involve Danielle Colby.

“I had known Danielle for 15 years,” Wolfe tells Bowerman during the interview. “She had just closed her store in LeClaire, and I approached her and said History bought the show, and I want her to be on it. I needed her to do the research of where we’re going.”

Wolfe Could Not Handle Everything By Himself So He Added Colby For His Business

Colby definitely came to the role with knowledge of the antiques/collectibles world. But Wolfe handed over things associated with his business and “American Pickers” he struggled to do alone. Colby went out and found numerous places for Wolfe and then co-host Frank Fritz to go check out.

For sure, Wolfe needed help with “American Pickers.” Danielle was a good friend of Wolfe, so he hired her.

It turns out that her presence on the show does make a difference.

Wolfe definitely sees that Colby holds all of the business pieces together for him.

“It brings more storyline into it,” Wolfe said in his interview. “It brings another relationship, it brings a girl into it. History viewership is 60% male.

“The first thing I told her was I wanted her to do it because I want to make a show about antiques that no one has ever seen before, and you look like you have nothing to do with antiques,” he said. “You’re a smart ass, you’re a girl, and we need a girl.”