‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Reveals ‘All She’s Doing’ on Show at This Point

by Megan Molseed

She’s the “Queen of Rust,” and the woman who runs the show while the American Pickers hosts are on the road.

For Danielle Colby, there is one core role that she seems to be playing in the series these days. And, it’s not a small one.

Since the show began, American Pickers‘ Danielle Colby has been a fan favorite, managing the Pickers Antique Archaeology store.

“I’m just moving forward,” the American Pickers star says.

Colby also notes that she has long stopped counting the seasons in the series. Her daily focus is regularly on what she needs to do to keep things running smoothly.

Essentially, Colby notes, this all comes down to one task, working hard to keep things operating smoothly and focusing on her role to “keep sh– together.”

“That’s all I’m doing,” says the American Pickers star with a laugh while discussing her role in a recent interview. “Keepin’ sh– together!”

For Colby, the focus is on making sure things fall into place as the series continues. Working on the big things, and “keeping all the planes in the sky and the cars on the road.”

Colby has long been the “face” of the Pickers at their home base while the hosts are on the road.

Since the show’s beginning, Danielle Colby has been the sort of go-to person for American Pickers creator and host Mike Wolfe, taking calls about good picking spots, researching items, and generally keeping the American Pickers grounded as they tirelessly scour the country for some of the best treasures.

‘American Pickers’ Is Just The Begining For Colby

And, keeping things together is something Danielle Colby is used to. The American Pickers star has regularly kept herself busy both on and off the popular History Channel show.

Her newest venture, burlesque dancing, is one that has come somewhat naturally to her over the years. It first came to her as she tried to find an alternative to her longtime career competing in roller derby circles.

“So right after my roller derby career was done, I had too many bumps and bruises, it was too much,” Danielle Colby remembers.

“So, then I went to stripping and I stripped at a gay club first,” the History Channel star continues. “I kinda had this nice baptism into striptease.”

Colby adds that it certainly didn’t hurt to have connections as she explored this new genre.

“So, I like, I had a hookup with the local art college with one of the professors and I would pose nude for him,” Colby laughs. “It was right after I had my son, so I was looking voluptuous, it was cute.”