‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Reveals Story Behind Her First Tattoo

by Clayton Edwards

Most fans of American Pickers know a few things about Danielle Colby. First and foremost, she’s Mike Wolfe’s right hand. Dani helps him run Antique Archaeology while also finding leads on valuable picks. Additionally, they know she has an impressive tattoo collection.

Over the years, she has slowly turned her skin into a canvas for a handful of talented artists. These days, she gets tattoos from artists with whom she feels some kind of connection. This is important because most of her tattoos have deeply personal meanings that, in a way, tell the story of her life in pictures. Her first tattoo, though, may not be quite as personal.

Recently, Danielle Colby appeared on The Sailor Jerry Podcast. For the most part, they discussed American Pickers and her love of vintage style. For instance, Dani talked about her favorite places to pick as well as the best way to find rusty gold on the road. However, the podcast shares the name of a tattoo industry icon. So, it was only fitting that they ask Dani about her tattoos. She noted that she has a few of Sailor Jerry’s designs tattooed on her. Then, the host asked her about her first tattoo.

Danielle Colby said, “My first tattoo was an LBT tramp stamp of a tribal butterfly.” If you follow Dani on Instagram or Patreon you’ve probably caught a glimpse of this tattoo before. It’s a relatively small butterfly on her lower back. However, most of the photos that show it are pretty racy. This is the clearest shot of it I could find while still being safe for work.

For those who aren’t in the know, “LBT” stands for lower back tattoo. They’re usually placed in the center of the back just above the tail bone. At some point, people started calling them “tramp stamps” because of their popularity among young attractive women. Those folks just kind of assumed the worst about a woman with ink and the name stuck. These days, the term is less derisive and more widely used.

Danielle Colby’s Tattoo Artists

Danielle Colby added a tidbit of extra information about the tattoo. She said, “The guy who did that tattoo, I believe might be incarcerated,” which adds some intrigue to the small butterfly tattoo.

Dani didn’t say when she got her first tattoo. However, it seems that her artist selection process has changed over the years. In 2019, she said that she loves working with artists who feel their inspiration and follow their bliss while working with her. Then she added that Patrick Cornolo at Chicago’s Speakeasy Tattoo is her “perfect match.”