‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Talks About Her ‘Spitifire’ Mom Who ‘Ran With the Hell’s Angels’

by Jon D. B.

More often than not, ‘spitfire’ parents lead to ‘spitfire’ children. And that’s exactly the case form American Pickers‘ Danielle Colby.

When it comes to her wild, “fly by the seat of their pants” parents, Danielle Colby knows she’s lucky to have so many positives to focus on from her vagabond-esque childhood. Speaking to The Sailor Jerry Podcast for their Halloween episode this week, American Pickers‘ own “Queen of Rust” delves deeply into the topic; exposing much of her colorful past to fans for the first time.

“My parents are… There are none like them in the world,” Colby broaches the subject with a laugh. “My father is the most protective man. And the most kind, loving, and loyal man. I trust him more than any man in the world,” she says of her dear ol’ dad.

She has similar praise for her mother, Sue, who she calls “an angel on earth.”

But Sue Colby is also “a handful,” the American Pickers icon emphasizes. “She’s a real spitfire!”

In fact, Danielle says her lovely mother used to “run with the Hell’s Angels” without missing a beat. “She was like 12 or 13-years-old, too! They took her up to New York when she was like 14,” Colby raves. “She’s got some stories, dude.”

Stories, indeed. Sue Colby was part of the “protesting hippies” with the Hell’s Angels before Danielle was even born. “They were fighting the establishment! That’s what it was all about,” she says.

And through this, Sue would impart on her daughter a “question all of it” nature, as she puts it.

‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby is One of a Kind

While fans may be familiar with Danielle’s mother, hearing her speak of her father in such an open manner may come as a shock. He’s a rare topic for the American Pickers star, to say the least.

What isn’t a rare topic, however, is her incredible knowledge of and passion for burlesque. She speaks to The Sailor Jerry Podcast at length on the topic, including her traveling Stripping History show.

Stripping History started out years ago as my traveling strip tease and showgirl museum. And yeah! We traveled around the country with that. And then when COVID hit, I decided to have a more permanent spot for it so I could document. Because traveling with it is just so much more difficult now.

“But yeah, right now we’re working on the story of Loraine Gale Smith, who was a dancer out of Boston. Out of the Combat Zone! And I just so happened to end up with her entire collection,” the American Pickers icon says excitedly.

And if that sounds like your jam, then definitely be sure to check out the full episode on Spotify below, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. It’s well worth the listen for any fan of the one and only Danielle Colby.