‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby Thinks You’re the ‘Cat’s Meow’ in Scintillating New Halloween Costume Pic

by Joe Rutland

Danielle Colby of “American Pickers” was not going to let the Halloween festivities pass her by this year. She even shared a pic with us all.

Colby, who has been on The History Channel as an employee of co-host Mike Wolfe, has found herself embracing a co-host role this year, too. “American Pickers” continues to showcase many antiques and collectibles Wolfe and Colby find on their journeys.

But what did she look like or have to say? Let’s take a look, Outsiders.

It’s quite a photo for the Halloween eyes to see.

Obviously, Colby’s fans had a few words to say about this pic.

Fan terrence102.to writes, I mean, You just SERIOUSLY just keep getting HOTTER and HOTTER!!!! So GORGEOUS!!!!”.

Another fan, christisonjeff, writes, “Meow..”.

Then, cdearmondjr_benz_tech writes, “It’s fun to dress up as an adult when you couldn’t as a kid”.

We doubt that Colby will be wearing this on a new “American Pickers” episode. Go over to their website right here and catch up on all the news and episodes.

‘American Pickers’ Co-Host Reflects Upon First Time She Came Across Wolfe

Now Danielle Colby has been a fixture on “American Pickers” for a long time.

But she really has known about Wolfe for a period of time. How long? She talks about it here in an interview for “The Sailor Jerry Podcast.”

Colby said both she and Mike come from a really small town and she’d kind of heard about him.

“He had been picking for a long time,” she said. “And he had kind of heard of me because I liked to skate down on the river with my kids and some friends.

“So basically, he ran into me; we were at a yard sale,” Colby remembers. “I was really sassy with him, of course, and he thought that was funny. I don’t know. He invited me to some hoedown thing.

“All of us were just friends from such a long time ago that I think it was some sort of family function type thing,” she said.

Today, they both work together to keep Wolfe’s store up and running.

Colby Has Some Suggestions If You Wnat To Find Nearby Places to ‘Pick’

If you wanted to go “picking” yourself, then how would find a place?

Colby said go look it up in the local newspapers. She adds that all papers are online now.

The “American Pickers” co-host reminds people that a local newspaper holds a lot of information for pickers

Estate sales are listed in the area and they are good places to start picking.