‘American Pickers’: Everything to Know About Mike Wolfe’s Brother Robbie

by Matthew Memrick

“American Pickers” diehards would know quite a bit about Robbie Wolfe, but there’s more to learn about Mike Wolfe’s older brother.

According to the U.S. Sun, Robbie Wolfe has appeared on 55 episodes. The show has produced 325 episodes over 22 seasons. Another website, Distractify, put the show star’s episode number at over 76 episodes as of February.

The older brother has helped out on a few car restorations for the show.

Robbie Wolfe Off To Hot And Cold 2022 Start

Mike Wolfe’s older brother kicked off 2022 in style, riding in a classic Ford 1932 pickup while wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

He posted a video of the red truck to his Instagram account to preview the most recent “American Pickers” episode.

Robbie Wolfe drove the Ford out of the garage and into the snowy street back on New Year’s Day in the short clip. The video shows a 360-degree angle view of the truck. The older brother knew he had to crank up that truck, so he made the old-style exhaust pipes smoke while gunning that engine.

You knew what would come next. Wolfe takes the truck into an intersection for some donut fun. He makes a perfect circle in the snow, and then the “American Pickers” star brings it right back to the garage.

There seems to be some kismet with Wolfe and this truck. The “American Pickers” star found the classic car seven years ago while on a pick in Illinois. He had sold it to a friend who promised to sell it back to Wolfe a few years later. It certainly looks like Wolfe’s thrilled to have the “time machine” truck back.

There’s also some narration to the video clip, and it sounds like younger brother Mike Wolfe or maybe one of Robbie Wolfe’s two sons.

“Here’s Robbie,” the cameraman narrated. “First day of 2022, just like a little kid. He’s gotta spin a little donut. Bringing back memories. He got lucky he didn’t wreck. He got his fix for today. Happy New Year’s from Rob Wolfe.” 

Robbie Wolfe A Business Owner

Distractify reported that Robbie Wolfe has an excellent knowledge of old cars, rare neon signs, and various collectibles. The man’s skill has made him a great fit on the show over the years.

According to Biography Tribune, Robbie Wolfe’s net worth is $300,000. The landscaper has owned his business, RJ Wolfe & Suns, for over 20 years in Davenport, Iowa. The company works on landscape design, pools, decks, water features, and masonry.

The 61-year-old Iowa resident was born four years before his “American Pickers” younger brother Mike. Robbie Wolfe came to life on April 26, 1960.

According to The Sun, Robbie Wolfe started in rock music before finding his career path in landscaping.