‘American Pickers’ Fans Believe One Episode Is Worst of the Series

by Megan Molseed

One of the most impressive things about the History Channel series, American Pickers is the excitement the show’s hosts have in their picking. Since 2010, the American Pickers have been taking viewers all across the country as they visit collectors of all sorts; sorting through attics, barns, backyards, basements, sheds, and so much more – looking for any special find to add to their collections. Or, in some cases, even to the collections of others.

The premise of the show works so well because the viewer is sorting through the finds right along with the American Pickers. They are just as excited and impressed as the hosts of the hit History Channel series.

So, what happens when the Pickers take a break from their antiquing road trips and instead spend an episode remembering some of their finds over the season? Well, it’s the flashback episodes that end up taking the worst rating for any episode to date.

At least, that is, according to IMDb. And, it seems that American Pickers fans just aren’t fans of the flashback idea in general. Especially since the second to the lowest-rated episode of American Pickers is another one with the same format.

Fans Were Not Loving The Flashbacks

During the American Pickers tenth season 2013 Christmas Eve episode, which is titled Off the Road, the show’s creator – and host – Mike Wolfe joins his now-former American Pickers cohost Frank Fritz in remembering some of their favorite moments to date. Also joining the Pickers in this throwback episode is fellow American Pickers star, Danielle Colby.

This flashback episode of Pickers consists of the trio discussing some memorable moments from the show. These moments include various clips of past episodes. These include some favorite finds; some unusual characters; and even some unique items they never expected to find during the average pick.

‘American Pickers’ Take A Moment To Remember Their Favorite Moments

Included in the Off the Road episode were some behind-the-scenes clips. As well as “never before seen” moments from their various hunts together throughout the United States.

In a recent article, Looper notes that a quick check of American Pickers IMDb page shows that Off the Road sits with a viewer rating. This rating is just a 5.5 out of 10.

This is without a doubt the lowest-rated episode of American Pickers so far. Not a bad feat, though to end up with only one episode with a 5.5 rating after 300 plus episodes that have been made to date.

The second lowest-rated episode of American Pickers is a season fourteen installment titled Best of the 70s. This episode operates along the same format as Off the Road.

Maybe this just goes to show that fans of the series are so extremely dedicated to the series that they are unlikely to miss even one installment. I mean, if you’ve already watched all of the best picks as each episode aired over the years, who really needs a recap show?