‘American Pickers’ Fans Debate One Awkward Moment With Danielle Colby

by Quentin Blount

There’s no denying that Danielle Colby has been a staple on the show American Pickers. But fans think there is one moment she took things a little too far.

If you are a longtime watcher of the show, you probably recall that in the last few episodes of Season 19, Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby were working on restoring Aerosmith’s very first tour van. They even eventually presented it to the band in person.

With that said, there are some American Pickers fans out there who didn’t enjoy the storyline. One of those fans made a post on Reddit titled, “I hate the Aerosmith Van. Do you?”

“I get that it’s a semi-draw for Aerosmith fans, and I get that it’s exciting for them, but the History Channel milks it to death, and it overshadowed pretty good picks,” they explained. “It also introduced the nuisance that is Mike Metford. They treat him better than Dave Ohrt, and really has served as a replacement for him, instead as a main character.”

The Reddit user who made the post, jdfromnh75, basically said that the meeting between Aerosmith and the American Pickers crew was staged. They called it “inorganic” and even went as far as to call Colby’s behavior “embarrassing”.

“When they met Aerosmith, it was so inorganic. Danielle cried and it was embarrassing because she did little to advance the project of the van, except introduce the original pick. Then, you have Mike driving distracted in the streets of Las Vegas.”

‘American Pickers’ Fans Reply to Reddit Post

We know that at least for this one fan, the episodes involving Aerosmith were hard to watch. But do other viewers of the show feel the same?

“Every time I see any episode during that period of time, I want to change the channel,” the OP concluded. “But I want to know what you think. Am I misunderstanding the effects of this season? Is this as truly monumental as it is attempting to be presented as?”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course. When it comes to American Pickers fans, they aren’t shy about sharing theirs online.

“It was a ploy to get ratings and do a ‘crossover’ with Aerosmith opening a Vegas show,” one fan replied. “It was basically a commercial for Aerosmith put as a plot point in the show. As for the historical value of finding the van, I guess it’s interesting enough.”

Meanwhile, another Reddit user had a complaint about the storyline but for a different reason.

“Just saw this episode the other day and honestly was kinda grossed out by how handsy Steven Tyler was with Danielle. Don’t really even watch this show that often, but it really stuck out how Steven Tyler had to be all over Danielle the entire episode.”