‘American Pickers’ Fans Debate Over Frank Fritz’s Antique Shop

by Clayton Edwards

Frank Fritz was on American Pickers for twenty full seasons and most of the twenty-first. Then, the network gave him the boot. Since then, fans have been clamoring for him to come back. At the same time, the show’s ratings took a hit because many fans refuse to watch the series without Fritz. However, Frank isn’t out of the antique game completely. In fact, he has his own antique shop in Savanna, Illinois.

The aptly named Frank Fritz Finds is located in the same historic building as the Hawg Dog Bar & Grill. So, fans of the show -or antique hunters – can browse the wares while catching a local band, getting a bite to eat, and having some beers. Somehow, that seems like the most fitting location for Frank’s store. After all, he’s the king of the bundle. It makes sense that his store would come in its own bundle.

Frank Fritz Finds Gets Mixed Reviews

However, not everybody who visits Frank Fritz Finds comes out feeling like they hit the motherlode. In fact, a quick Google search shows that Fritz’s store gets mixed reviews from patrons.

The store has 175 reviews on Google with an average of 3.4 stars. However, since the store is connected to the bar & grill, some of the reviews – positive and negative – are for that side of the building. Additionally, some of the 5-star reviews are from people who have never been there. They just gave the store high marks because they like the show. Those who did visit gave the store itself mixed reviews. Some said it was “what you would expect from an antique store” and said they loved the items. On the other hand, one reviewer said there wasn’t much in the way of “rusty gold” at the shop. One complained that Fritz’s store had terrible lighting and was disorganized.

The notoriously harsh critics on Yelp gave Frank Fritz Finds an average score of 1.5 stars. There are a few 5-star reviews. However, some reviewers didn’t have the most pleasant experience. “I don’t know if it was old food or mold or what,” the reviewer wrote. Another summed up the store’s selection by saying, “It’s basically a room full of crap surrounded by bars on both sides.” One local reviewer went so far as to say that the building is not heated or cooled.

The Verdict

Frank Fritz Finds sounds like it’s not for everybody. The negative reviews paint it as a horrible place. On the other hand, the positive reviews (from people who actually shopped there) are glowing. For fans of the show, though, it sounds like an interesting destination. It contains some of Frank’s finds from the show and is located behind what some call a “biker bar,” so you get some of Frank’s personality in the location as well as a selection of antiques.