‘American Pickers’ Fans Send Passionate Messages About Frank Fritz on Danielle Colby Birthday Post

by Clayton Edwards

On Friday, December 3, Danielle Colby celebrated her 46th birthday. The American Pickers Instagram page informed the show’s fans. However, fans didn’t only want to flock to the post with well-wishes for the Queen of Rust’s special day. They took the opportunity to once again yell at the show’s social media staff about Frank Fritz’s exit from the show.

First, we have to show a little love for Danielle Colby. She looks absolutely stunning hanging out of the window of a vintage pickup truck. In the caption, American Pickers wrote, “Happy Birthday to our self-proclaimed Queen of Rust,” and tagged Dani’s account in the post. Then, fans bombed the comments with questions about Frank Fritz.

“Where is Frank,” asked one of Fritz’s loyal fans. Another commenter simply said, “We want Frank back.” For the most part, that captures the attitude of the comment section on the post. However, there were a couple of standout comments. For instance, one fan asked “But where is Frank? Stuffed in the bed of that truck?”

One commenter was so angry about Frank Fritz no longer being on American Pickers that they said Dani was “single-handedly ruining the show.” That seems like an odd hot take seeing as how she’s been there since day one.

A grand total of three commenters on the American Pickers post wished Danielle Colby a happy birthday. However, all of those comments are buried under all of the questions and demands involving Frank Fritz.

Is Frank Fritz Coming Back to American Pickers?

The short answer here is, “probably not.” Frank Fritz left American Pickers near the end of taping season 21. He was in all but eight episodes of that season. Then, fans learned that Frank lost his position on the show. During all of his time crawling around in buildings full of rusty gold and riding long miles in the van, Frank’s back was destroyed. He took some time off to get back surgery and heal up. Additionally, he was fighting a pretty serious battle with substance abuse. Today, Frank is all healed up and sober.

However, it was what happened, or didn’t happen, while he was healing from surgery that really sealed the deal on his permanent exit. Frank said that he didn’t hear from Mike Wolfe or anyone else connected to American Pickers while he was healing from surgery. In fact, Fritz stated that he hadn’t talked to Mike in two years in an interview from this summer.

Not long after that, Fritz released a profanity-laden tirade letting everyone know how hurt he was by being unceremoniously cut from the show. Additionally, he fired a few shots at his former co-star Mike Wolfe.

Sadly, it looks like that bridge is burned. So, American Pickers fans will just have to hope Frank gets his own show.