‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz Said the Show’s Popularity Could Get ‘Overwhelming at Times’

by Samantha Whidden

Although his series American Pickers became a huge success through the years, former co-host Frank Fritz admits the show’s popularity was overwhelming at times for him.

HooplaNow reported that the American Pickers star revealed it wasn’t unusual for a crowd of 300 to 400 people to show up to catch a glimpse of him and co-host Mike Wolfe. The people would also often ask for autographs during the filming. “It’s overwhelming at times,” Fritz shared. 

The American Pickers star also joked about his weight. “The camera puts on 10 pounds. There’s there cameras on me. So there’s 30 pounds,” Fritz declared. He then said that he and Wolfe may not be the smartest guys in the room, but they know a lot about certain antiques.

Fritz then described American Pickers co-star Wolfe as having a mental rolodex, able to remember lots of details about collectibles. 

Frank Fritz Shares More Details about His Friendship With ‘American Pickers’ Co-Star Mike Wolfe

HooplaNow also reported that Frank Fritz shared some thoughts about his American Pickers co-host Mike Wolfe. “Although people think we’re connected at the hip, we do have separate lives,” Fritz said. Wolfe runs stores in Nashville, Tennessee and LeClaire, Iowa. Meanwhile, Fritz had his Frank Fritz Finds in Savannah, Illinois. 

When chatting about the differences between him and Wolfe, Fritz said he sees himself as a middle-of-the-road seller who offers items at a lower price point. Meanwhile, Wolfe is known for buying and selling more high-end antiques. Wolfe also doesn’t try to clean up an antique before selling and Fritz said he often tries to restore the antique enough so customers could see how it would have been. 

While chatting about the items he currently has, the American Pickers host revealed he has 60 motorcycles that mostly run. He also has a collection of antique fire equipment. He then jokingly stated that his own house is full of antiques so he is trying to “whittle down” his collection. 

When asked what kind of items should be purchased, Fritz said to buy what you like but to always buy the highest quality item you can. He also explained that location is very important in real estate and the picking is always about condition. 

When chatting about taking time off from picking, Fritz admitted he was actually picking up a motorcycle later that day that he had been trying to buy from someone for more than 20 years.  And in regards to his own reality TV fame, Fritz added, “When the show goes off the air, I’ll still be the same guy, living in the same house and driving the same truck.”