‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz Said the Show Doesn’t Show ’80 Percent’ of What They Film

by Jonathan Howard

It is no secret that Frank Fritz is no longer with American Pickers however when he was, he filmed hours of content alongside Mike Wolfe. Much of that content has been hidden and never shown before, according to the former costar himself.

If you think about it, if a duo travels across the United States, that is a lot of time. If Fritz is to be believed, the best parts of the show were sometimes hidden. That includes some of the better jokes that he and Wolfe made on the show he says. However, when he described how much of the show is left out, it is astonishing.

Through all the barns, buildings, old cars, and everything in between, there isn’t much the American Pickers haven’t seen. Always looking to bring personality and charm, Fritz made jokes about everything. The items, himself, the show, and anything he could pick up on. According to him, “They [the show] don’t show about 80 percent of what they film.”

If that is the case, then fans are missing out on a lot of good content. Now that Fritz is out of the picture, fans might want to see some of that extended footage. Think about it, if they put out unedited or uncut footage, there are many viewers that would love that. There have been many that have wondered if Frank will ever come back and it seems that the former costar will not. The breakup seems to be permanent barring a major change.

Until that happens, fans are best to just watch old episodes if they want their Frank Fritz fix. The loveable cohost has left a hole in the show some don’t think can be filled. American Pickers continues with Mike Wolfe and friends.

‘American Pickers’ Head South in 2022 Schedule

For those fans living in the southern United States, you might see the American Pickers digging around your little community. Keep your eyes peeled because Mike Wolfe and the gang are headed to Louisiana in February next year. If they don’t find anything there worth buying, they can at least hit up New Orleans before leaving.

However, if you know a place or you yourself have a large collection of antiques you can contact the show. A statement from the production team said, “The ‘American Pickers’ TV Show is looking for leads and would love to explore your hidden treasure. If you or someone you know has a large, private collection or accumulation of antiques that the Pickers can spend the better part of the day looking through, send us your name, phone number, location, and description of the collection with photos to:  [email protected] or call 855-OLD-RUST. Facebook: @GotAPick.”

So if you think Mike Wolfe will like your stuff, give them a shout. He might just come knocking on your door.