‘American Pickers’ Gives Look at ‘Rusty and Rare’ Item Ahead of Saturday’s New Episode

by Amy Myers

The stars of American Pickers often find objects that to some, just seem like peculiar junk, but to others are distinct symbols of their childhood. Oftentimes, these pieces of memorabilia will be old Coca-Cola coolers or cartoon character lunchboxes. Recently, though, host Mike Wolfe’s brother, Robert, found a sign that used to be a staple feature at gas stations and general stores.

Ahead of this week’s episode, American Pickers posted a snapshot of the find on Instagram. In the photo, Robbie held up a dusty Red Seal dry battery sign that needs a bit of repair. Meanwhile, in the background, we can spot other iconic items like a barbershop pole.

“@RJWolfepicker holds a rusty, and rare, Red Seal Dry Battery sign, dated from the first quarter of the 20th century, which the #AmericanPickers find during this Saturday’s new episode,” the show announced in the caption.

Red Seal batteries were popular in the early 20th century. Costumers would use this brand in particular for open circuit work such as an “ignition and all other work requiring high amperage.”

Another popular item from the brand was a car thermometer that had similar graphics as the sign that the American Pickers star held.

‘American Pickers’ Star Has a Knack for All Things Vintage Auto

Likely, Robbie picked the Red Seal sign because it would resonate well with customers who collect antique vehicles or worked as mechanics. And in the past, we’ve seen more than a few examples of the American Pickers star’s passion for vintage automobiles, himself. Much like his older brother, Robbie grew up tinkering with bikes and cars, learning to love the history behind each one.

Take for example this 1932 Ford pick-up. Robbie discovered that Doug Silvermen actually built the unique “Why Not” truck in the 1950s, not only creating a unique vehicle but also a “time capsule.”

“7 years ago I found this truck in Illinois it truly is a time capsule it was built in the 1950s by Doug Silvermen,” the American Pickers star wrote on Instagram. “I sold it to a good friend and today he held his word and sold it back to me hats off to 7 years later Anthony Rutledge your a good man and a great friend thank you. As for this truck it is a time capsule and will be driven and displayed in my shop for many years.”

According to the photos Robbie posted, the Ford’s features included 1950 Oldmobile Rocket engine, a Columbian rear end and Mercedes handles and dashboard. The vehicle combines some of the most memorable features of cars in the 1950s.