‘American Pickers’ Head To the Hollywood Hills for Awesome ‘Terminator’ Memorabilia

by Chris Haney

On Thursday afternoon, American Pickers shared a sneak peek of this weekend’s brand new episode that features some awesome movie memorabilia. In fact, the guys hit the jackpot while picking the home of someone who’s in the special effects business in Los Angeles.

If you want to find movie memorabilia, there’s no better place to pick than around Hollywood itself. For the newest episode of American Pickers, Mike Wolfe and his brother, Robbie, are on the hunt in Tinseltown. They get hooked up with the family of Gene Warren – an Oscar-winning special and visual effects artist.

Gene sadly passed away at age 78 on Thanksgiving Day in 2019. Now, his son is looking to sell some of his dad’s personal items from his time working on movies. Gene worked on numerous films, but is best known for his work on Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Critters, and the 1990s It miniseries.

While rummaging through Gene’s things, Mike comes across an original script from T2. The 1991 blockbuster starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is part of an action-packed franchise that is still active to this day. However, T2 is the most popular and critically-acclaimed movie in the film series. Any memorabilia from the movie will fetch big money.

The specific script Mike finds is personalized to Gene Warren. The special effects artist is responsible for all of the stop motion puppets in T2. So his work was vital to the production of the famous film. However, that means dollar signs, and lots of them when it comes to a personalized script.

Gene’s son is willing to part with the script, but warns that T2 memorabilia can sell for upward of $250,000. You’ll have to tune into American Pickers on Saturday night to see if Mike was able to strike a deal.

‘American Pickers’ Star Addresses Her Future On the Show

The recent removal of longtime American Pickers star Frank Fritz has left some fans of edge. They’ve been worried about Danielle Colby‘s role on the popular History Channel series. Thankfully, Danielle cleared the air on that topic recently in a video post on Instagram.

The American Pickers cast member has been on the series since the beginning. Her role has evolved on the show over the years, but many fans have been concerned she could leave the show. They’ve questioned the reality TV star about leaving the series since she has other interests, including burlesque dancing and stripping history.

“I get this question about #americanpickers so much when I talk about #strippinghistory,” she wrote on Instagram. Danielle went on to share an emphatic message saying that she’ll be part of American Pickers for a “long time.”

“I just wanna address a question everyone’s been asking me – do I still work on the show? Yes, I still work on the show. Yes, I love my job. Yes, I’m gonna be there for a long time. No, I’m not going anywhere,” Danielle explained in the clip.