‘American Pickers’ is Heading to the Deep South for Next Picking Run

by Shelby Scott

After 20 seasons on the History Channel, “American Pickers” has no doubt traveled the vast majority of the United States. Now, the hit show prepares for its next picking run. And we’re excited to share that “American Pickers” is heading to the deep south in search of rusty gold.

“American Pickers'” Mike Wolfe and his crew plan to head to Alabama and Mississippi in search of private collections. Should they find leads where they might spend “the better part of the day” exploring, fans will meet exciting and unique places and individuals.

According to the Picayune Item, the crew will be filming episodes of “American Pickers” in Mississippi through the majority of February 2022. The outlet encourages those individuals with large, private collections or accumulations of antiques to reach out with their information. This includes their name, location, and other necessary information for the pickers to best contact said collector.

Meanwhile, NBC15 News states “American Pickers” is looking for collections of unique and unusual items and antiques. Further, they state those interested in sharing their collections must be private. Hence, this excludes stores, malls, flea markets, auctions, businesses, and, broadly, anything open to the public.

Fortunately, the outlet provided specifics for interested takers to reach out:

Contact Mike Wolfe and “American Pickers” at [email protected] Collectors may also call 1-855-OLD-RUST, or head over to Facebook and reach out to @GotAPick.

‘American Pickers’ Star and Former Costar Are ‘Extremely Different’

As “American Pickers” prepares for its next journey, it appears longtime fans of the hit show won’t see Mike Wolfe’s former costar, Frank Fritz, returning any time soon. After the pair’s strange falling out, with several key details as to what happened still blurry, show star Danielle Colby previously revealed just how different the two men are.

Foremost, Danielle Colby has most recently condemned Frank Fritz following the former “American Pickers” star’s feud with Mike Wolfe. However, when it comes to the two men’s personalities, she confirmed that the ways in which they behave on screens is pretty much how they are as individuals.

During a 2012 interview, Colby highlighted the former “American Pickers” costars are “extremely different.”

As to Mike Wolfe, Colby compared the star to an enthusiastic and energetic 8-year-old boy. She stated, “He’s a prankster and a jokester,” and “always the center of attention.”

However, she also pointed out that, like little boys, he’s also affectionate and sweet.

As to Fritz, Colby stated, “Frankie is the exact opposite. He’s the old man of the group.” She expanded, stating the former costar was strict with schedules and “like[d] things a certain way.” However, she also said that, despite his strict personality, he has “a huge, huge personality.”

Perhaps the pair’s differences are what led to their split on “American Pickers” in the first place.