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‘American Pickers’: Here’s How to Watch Complete Series

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage)

Here’s where you can stream all 22 seasons of History Channel’s “American Pickers.” It’s time for a television marathon!

Thrift-shopping and antiquing are all the rage. Americans today are using social media to showcase their fun finds. Others restore and resell these items for higher prices. Either way, there is one series that has old and new thrifters engaged in the process. This show is History Channel’s “American Pickers.”

“American Pickers” centers around two fellow thrifters, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, with the help of Danielle Colby. On their pursuit to find some of America’s most valuable antiques, the series highlights every step of their process. Both “pickers” look to sell these special pieces in their own businesses. Mike Wolfe runs “Antique Archaeology” and Frank Fritz owns “Frank Fritz Finds.” Both men are great at what they do and enjoy learning the stories behind the items they discover.

22 seasons of “America Pickers” are currently available to watch. The question is, where can fans find them? Multiple streaming services include the series for viewing, but some include more seasons than others. Here is everything you need to know.

How To Stream ‘American Pickers’

Viewers can watch every season of “American Pickers” via the streaming platform Philo. Subscribers have access to the History Channel’s wide selection of shows. Fans can watch any episode at any time starting at $25 a month.

Hulu subscribers can watch seasons 3 and 4 of “American Pickers” at no extra cost. A basic Hulu plan starts at $7 monthly. For every other season, Hulu’s Live TV plan is a great option. For $65 monthly, fans can stream the show in its entirety. They can also access over 75 television channels.

Lastly, Peacock is a streaming service that holds seasons 5-14 and 16-20. This plan is totally free, although it can be upgraded. Peacock also won’t show fans any advertisements! Yay!

The Meaning Behind The Show

“American Pickers” is more than just a show about antiques. As Mike Wolfe describes it, it is inspired by the American people. The “picker” pitched the show for over 4 years before it was finally given the green light.

“A lot of people on the backroads of America were telling all of these amazing stories and all of these things were unfolding in front of me.” Wolfe says. “I wanted to be able to document that.”

Fans of the show since the beginning are wondering if Frank Fritz will ever make a return. Fritz was steadily phased out of Season 21 and remains absent in Season 22. In his words, he felt like a sidekick. Their strained relationship leaves fans asking a lot of questions.

Either way, it is always a good idea to open a bag of popcorn and have a binge-watching marathon. Whether you’re a fan of the old seasons or a happy newbie, you have many options for accessing the show.