‘American Pickers’: Here’s When New Episodes Return

by Amy Myers

The new season of American Pickers is well underway, and many of us are wondering when we’ll next see Mike and Robbie Wolfe hit the road in search of some rusty gold. Season 23 marked the first official season in which the Wolfe brothers hosted the show, and they’ve already found a treasure trove of collectibles.

On Instagram, the show shared that American Pickers will return with all-new episodes early next month. Along with the announcement, the show posted an adorable photo of Mike Wolfe in a vintage truck with a furry friend sitting shotgun.

“Francie Wolfe wants in on the #AmericanPickers action when new episodes start again on February 5 at 9/8c,” the show wrote in the caption.

According to the American Pickers website, the February date is one week later than the show originally intended to air new episodes. Initially, Season 23 Episode 4 “The King of Signs,” was supposed to appear on January 29, this Saturday. The show hasn’t given any explanation for why they’ve changed the date, but for now, it seems the show will resume its usual weekly schedule starting on February 5.

‘American Pickers’ Faces New Low in Viewers as Season 23 Continues

The news regarding American Pickers‘ new episodes came on the heels of the show’s recent low ratings. Last week, Season 23 Episode 3, “Movie Picking Magic,” only brought in 859,000, an all-time low for the show. Meanwhile, fans continue to demand the return of former co-host Frank Fritz, who was dismissed from the franchise back in 2020. Since then, the show has struggled to keep the same ratings they saw when Wolfe and Fritz were the faces of American Pickers. Back when Fritz was still a part of the show, the series would regularly see upwards of 1.25 million viewers. So, is it possible the new airing date was because of the latest ratings?

Already, there have been whispers regarding whether the show will survive without Fritz by Wolfe’s side. Since the beginning of the show in 2010, the two friends have had great chemistry and made for an incredibly entertaining show. But now, fans feel the franchise slighted the well-loved co-host and instead hired a “boring” replacement.

Perhaps Episode 3’s low ratings encouraged producers to stall the latest episodes while they reevaluate the series. Maybe, in response to the fan feedback, they’ve decided to edit episodes so that they seem more appealing and exciting.

There is also a chance that Episode 4 is just taking longer in the production process. Whatever the reason, the show’s remaining fans will have to wait an extra week before the next pick.