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‘American Pickers’: Hobo Jack Has Two Surprising Hobbies

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

Over the years, American Pickers has shown viewers great locations and most importantly great people. Hobo Jack is one of those folks. His real name is Jack Sophir, and the interesting collector has a couple of other hobbies that will surprise you.

Mike Wolfe always talks about the people he meets on the road. Outside of collecting rare and valuable antiques, it is the people that Wolfe likes seeing the most. As for Hobo Jack, he has made appearances in the show twice. First in season 2 and then later in season 6. He has always been interesting and entertaining on-screen.

When Jack isn’t collecting or selling antiques and other items, he is likely playing some music. Jack picks the guitar, sings, and writes his own songs in his spare time. Not only does he strum the guitar, but he can also play harmonica as well as banjo. He even has an album, Best of Hobo Jack: Original Songs By An American Picker.

However, Jack also has a career as an author. The American Pickers personality has been published multiple times and even has a series of fiction books. His first release was Get a Horse: A Unique Collection of Early Automotive Humor from Turn of the Century Magazines. That was released in 1984. Sophir then went on to release a fantasy satire novel in 2008. Then, he released Amazing Adventures of The Tramp Prince. That book came out in 2015 and is about “a young man’s journey to find a new home for his family after they lose their farm.”

The American Pickers have shown so many great folks on their show. You never know when a new fan favorite is going to make an appearance or even a familiar face.

‘American Pickers’ Weirdest Thing Mike Wolfe Has Seen

On American Pickers there are a lot of strange items that the guys find. However, not everything makes the show. So just imagine the things they have seen that haven’t made television. Danielle Colby talked with WREG New 3 in 2018 about the weirdest thing that Mike Wolfe has seen while out on a pick.

So, get this. Wolfe is just doing his job and looking for items that he can buy and sell. Well, he ended up finding a dead body at work. No, it wasn’t a murder or a missing person. Someone donated their body to science more than a hundred years ago. It was cool, but Mike didn’t bid on the skeleton. That incident happened before the Pickers were on TV. Lost to the memories of those who were there in person.

The American Pickers are all about bringing the best locations, picks, and characters to their show. That has been proven time and again over the years.