‘American Pickers’: How Danielle Colby’s Love for Picking Started by Hanging Out ‘With Ladies at Church’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Nicolas Armer/picture alliance via Getty Images)

When American Pickers star Danielle Colby first began picking, it wasn’t so much a hobby as it was a way to get new clothes. As a child, Colby would visit those she knew in her neighborhood that had items to spare. Being the resourceful and innovative person she still is today, the young collector would repurpose these items and pieces of clothing for her own use, therefore instilling a future passion for picking.

Now, looking back, the American Pickers star realizes just how much of an impact those initial years had on her personality and appreciation for history and antiques. As she explained in an interview with news station WREG, an item’s age shows more of its story and its impact on the lives of its owners. If it weren’t for those fateful few years that she spent hanging out with the older ladies in her community, she may never have developed the same love for picking that she has today.

“We weren’t rich people,” the American Pickers star explained about her family, “So I kind hung out a lot with the ladies at church, the more mature ladies, and they would kind of take me through their houses and give me their little bobbles and things and dresses. And I would take them home and make them fit me.”

Colby continued, “That’s kind of where it started for me was just – Necessity’s the mother of invention.”

Listen to the full conversation below.

Colby Discusses the Origin Stories of Her ‘American Pickers’ Co-Stars

Like Colby, her co-star Mike Wolfe developed an eye for picking from a young age. He, too, had the same self-starter attitude as a child. So, when he wanted to collect and fix bicycles, he decided to go hunting for them, himself. Lucky for the future reality star, he found one in the garbage. Once back at home, Wolfe repaired the bike by himself and even began refurbishing other old ones around the neighborhood.

Eventually, his love for bikes would translate to motorcycles and antique cars, too. Thus, his love for picking began. Now a career picker, Wolfe’s eyes still light up whenever he finds a rusty Indian bike hidden in someone’s garage. Not only do these vehicles demonstrate a crucial part of American history, but they also connect the American Pickers star back to his roots.

Meanwhile, former co-star Frank Fritz shared the same appreciation for old motorcycles and cars, but he didn’t have quite as early a start as Wolfe and Colby. Despite his later start in life, though, Fritz always shared the same passion for picking and the stories that accompany the items they find. The three American Pickers stars never pass up an opportunity to hunt for more rusty gold.