‘American Pickers’: How Mike Wolfe Felt About Meeting the ‘Pawn Stars’ for First Time

by Clayton Edwards

It’s no surprise that American Pickers and Pawn Stars are two of the biggest shows on the History Channel. Both shows feature artifacts from modern history, their incredible stories, and the people who are willing to part with the items. There’s something about Mike Wolfe’s passion for history and the stories that come into Rick Harrison’s pawnshop that viewers love.

At the same time, it seems like Rick Harrison and Mike Wolfe would hit it off. They approach things differently. However, they’re both businessmen who deal in pieces of history. So, at the very least, they have plenty to talk about.

In a 2010 Q&A session Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz opened up about meeting the Pawn Stars gang for the first time. It sounds like they had a pretty good time.

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz on Meeting the Cast of Pawn Stars

Mike Wolfe said that they first met the Pawn Stars guys about three weeks before the Q&A. Before talking more about it, Wolfe summed up their interactions. “They were all really nice.”

Wolfe went on to say that the initial meeting was a bit awkward. They met for the first time at an event organized by the History Channel. The network planned to film the meeting. “We had never talked to each other and they put us in a room and we’re like ‘Hey, what’s up?’”

Then, Mike Wolfe mentioned Chumlee in passing. At that point, Frank Fritz cut in with a little humor. “I felt good because Chumlee and Hoss are both fatter than I am.” Frank jokingly said he felt like he was “lookin’ good” next to the Pawn Stars cast. Everyone got a big laugh out of that.

Fritz Shows Love to Pawn Stars

Before Mike Wolfe discussed meeting the Pawn Stars cast, Frank talked about his appreciation for the show. A fan asked if they’d still be airing next to Pawn Stars.

Fritz started his answer with a joke. “They still got a show?” he asked. Then, he said that all in all, they were very fortunate to air close to the older show. At that time, Rick Harrison and the gang already had a decent following. As a result, several Pawn Stars fans saw American Pickers and started tuning in every week.

It’s funny to think that Mike Wolfe once worried that Pawn Stars would hurt his chances of getting American Pickers off the ground. Instead, History saw the success that Harrison and his pawnshop brought the network. So, they were more than eager to pick up a similar show that would tick many of the same boxes for the audience while still offering a little of History’s original spirit of educational content.