‘American Pickers’: How Robbie Wolfe Got a Boost From Frank Fritz’s Firing

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Since Frank Frtiz left American Pickers there have been a lot of issues with fans and the show. However, Robbie Wolfe has benefited tremendously.

Robbie wasn’t always a picker. However, over the years, he realized that the hobby his brother has isn’t so bad after all. So, he started to collect. Since the series began, Robbie has been one of the recurring guests. Even when Frank was on the show, he would make appearances.

However, he has now found himself in a new spot. Being the co-host is a lot different than just guest starring. So, what was Robbie doing before he got the call up to the big leagues? Well, just living is life. As the older brother, Robbie has lived a couple of different lives. That includes being a rock musician and having his own landscaping business.

While his rock days are behind him, the newest American Pickers star has been in landscaping for 20 years. R.J. Wolfe & Sons does some solid work in Iowa apparently. Now, his sons Jeremy and Brandon likely do more of the landscaping side of things. After all, he has to travel and find new places to pick.

The cohost has clearly had a whirlwind change over the last year. Not only is he on his brother’s very successful show, but he is now the second character. The sidekick. The backup man. So, there’s a lot of pressure in that sense.

Robbie has been able to make some purchases lately as well. His new role on American Pickers has allowed him to buy some new properties. That includes a new commercial property in Davenport, Iowa as well as some land and an adjacent property totaling over six acres.

Unfortunately, viewers are starting to change the channel.

‘American Pickers’ Ratings Down Bad

This is the first full season after the announcement that Frank was fired from American Pickers. So, we are now seeing the fallout of that decision. Along with the reaction to Robbie as the new permanent co-host. And, to be honest, the results are not great to put it lightly.

When I say not great, I mean a new all-time low in viewership. The History Channel flagship show failed to reach 1 million viewers in their last new episode. That is the first time that has ever happened. 859,000 viewers tuned in. Far from the 1.25 million that used to tune in on average while Frank was on the show. Producers are going to have to make a move here before things get really bad.

So, American Pickers might have been a big boost for Robbie. But up to this point, Robbie is the exact opposite for the show. That just isn’t good news for him or anyone with the series. Are there going to be some tough decisions made to keep the show as successful as it has been in the past?