‘American Pickers’: How to Watch Every Season of Antique Action

by Maggie Schneider

We are giving our readers a go-to guide of where to stream every season of “American Pickers.”

“American Pickers” is still going strong on the History Channel. With its 23rd season currently airing on the network, fans love seeing Mike Wolfe on his antiquing adventures. The question is, where can fans find all 22 full seasons of “American Pickers?”

For starters, you can find every episode of the show on History’s official website. Keep in mind that you need to sign in with your cable provider information in order to watch this way. If you’re fully streaming your content, don’t worry. You can find “American Pickers” on many different streaming sites. The tricky part is that most of these services only offer a few seasons of the show.

Philo subscribers are able to stream each season of “American Pickers” starting at $25 a month. The service now includes a wide variety of programming from the History Channel.

Peacock offers 200 episodes of “American Pickers” from Seasons 5-20. They can be accessed with a free account on the site. Peacock is the only free streaming option available.

Seasons 3 and 4 can be found on Hulu. A basic Hulu subscription starts at $7 monthly, but every other season can be made available with Hulu’s Live TV. This premium plan is $65 a month and includes access to over 75 channels, similar to a cable plan.

More Options to Watch “American Pickers”

Discovery+, SlingTV, and Pluto TV are other options to look into. Discovery+ offers a 7-day free trial, and their plans begin at $4.99 monthly.

Lastly, you can buy each full season of “American Pickers” through YouTube TV, Google Play, and Amazon Prime. You can buy individual episodes or buy the full saga all at once. This can get pricey, but it also allows you to view the entire series at any time. Unlike platforms like Netflix, shows bought on Amazon Prime never disappear. Once you purchase them, they are in your video library forever.

Here at Outsider, we hope this guide helps you find all of your favorite “American Pickers” episodes. A binge-watching session is in order.

“American Pickers” Special Guest Appearance

Did you know that the “American Pickers” stars were on “Rachael Ray?” In 2012, the celebrity chef and talk show host invited Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to look at some antique goods. Unfortunately, Ray’s hopes of scoring a big offer are dashed when the professional pickers take a closer look.

After looking over Ray’s items, they decide to take with them a floor lamp and bar shaker. Although neither item was all that it appeared to be, the three negotiated a deal of $125 for both items. Rachael Ray accepted the offer, and the rest is history.

You can catch a clip of the segment above.