‘American Pickers’ Impressive Motorcycle Collection Includes One That Cost Nearly $100K

by Amy Myers

If a pick hits close to home, no price tag is too high. For American Pickers host Mike Wolfe, that means any rare, antique car or motorcycle. A motor enthusiast, himself, Wolfe already has a pretty extensive collection of vehicles in his possession from his travels across the country, including a ’67 Ford Fairlane and a ’33 Ford Coupe. Though the vehicles may not be in sparkling condition when he gets his hands on them, they have a lot of potential – either to refurbish and resell or just to keep for his own personal collection.

One of these extraordinary finds includes a rare 1920s Ace motorcycle that Wolfe found in a Season 17 episode while visiting the Leeks family in Oregon. Zane and his mother Linda Leeks invited the American Pickers crew to sift through the family’s collection of over 150 cars and bikes. Unlike other big bike names, Ace was only on the market for four years, from 1920 to 1924. Another company quickly bought out the brand and soon their bikes disappeared from the market.

When Wolfe and former co-star Frank Fritz first spotted the rare find, they knew they needed to bring it home. Any other vehicle on the lot paled in comparison to the beat-up bike, and it seemed the two found the very essence of a diamond in the rough. The American Pickers duo was ready to pull out their wallets for the bike. However, the purchase came with a catch.

‘American Pickers’ Take Home Bigger Haul Than Expected

Once Wolfe and Fritz expressed their interest in purchasing the Ace bike, the owner dropped the bomb that all of the bikes came as a packaged deal. The American Pickers would have to purchase and take home every bike on the lot to get a hold of the one they wanted. After a bit of deliberation, the pickers decided the motorcycle was too valuable to walk away from, so they shelled out $45k for the Ace and another $45k for the rest of the lot.

They probably needed a couple of U-Hauls to take their extensive purchase back to Indiana.

The only other bike purchase that came relatively close to the Ace’s jaw-dropping price tag was the 1910 Royal Pioneer Bike. At the time, the company only produced a little more than 500, and now, only four remain in existence. Along with its rarity, gearheads consider the Royal Pioneer bike to be one of the best ever created. So, naturally, the find was a must-have for the American Pickers.

Wolfe and Fritz originally bought this baby for $55k. Now that the team has fixed it up, the bike is now worth more than $100k.