‘American Pickers’ Latest TV Ratings Fall to New Low Without Frank Fritz

by Amy Myers

Ratings for American Pickers continue to drop the further we get into Season 23. Now that Frank Fritz isn’t a part of the picking team, more and more viewers are choosing to find a different Saturday night series to watch. Once the show announced that Fritz would not be returning to the show, it has struggled to keep its ratings quite has high. And even though the show has replaced Fritz with Mike Wolfe’s younger brother, Robbie, viewers just aren’t as willing to watch this duo on their cross-country adventures.

The latest episode of American Pickers, which aired on January 15, 2022, showed that ratings fell below 1 million viewers. Only 859,000 fans tuned into the episode, “Movie Magic Picking,” which followed the Wolfe brothers as they discovered classic movie prop gems like statues from the Gremlins franchise and a script from Terminator 2. Not to mention, they also found the animatronic squid from the movie, The Beast. Despite these extraordinary finds, not nearly as many viewers were willing to watch the show.

The show’s low ratings fall far behind those of mid-Season 22 episodes that featured Frank Fritz. His last episode, on March 2, 2020, boasted an impressive rating of 1,282,000 viewers. Even up until July 19, 2021, American Pickers kept their numbers well above 1.25 million. But once they announced that they had fired Fritz, the ratings began to tank. The following episode, on July 26, 2021, had just 960,000 viewers.

Needless to say, fans are not happy about the recent changes.

‘American Pickers’ Fans Weigh in on New Host Duo

While the latest episode’s ratings are alarmingly low, it shouldn’t come as a shock to American Pickers producers. Fans haven’t kept quiet about their preference for Fritz over Robbie Wolfe.

Apparently, despite Mike Wolfe’s cheery and excitable demeanor, hosting abilities don’t run in the Wolfe family. All over social media, they’ve agreed that Wolfe simply doesn’t compare to Fritz’s amicable and lighthearted personality. They’ve even gone so far as to call Robbie Wolfe straight-up “boring.”

“The show needs Frank, Mike & Dani. Stop changing it. I’m sure Robbie is a nice guy but comes across boring on TV,” one fan complained.

“I watched the new season with the Wolfe Brothers. Need to bring back Frank,” another agreed. “Robbie has no personality he is absolutely boring!!!”

A third warned, “Show really stinks without Frank. I’d be worried Mike.”

Many have even stated outright that they are boycotting the show unless Fritz returns and takes his rightful place beside Mike Wolfe.

“No longer follow or watch now that Frank was skidded,” one fan said.

Until that day comes, American Pickers producers might need to prepare for some more six-figure ratings in the near future.